For me, weekends usually mean getting up early to go out for breakfast. I’ve been doing this for a while now, and it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of hits and misses (what’s a foodie’s life without the odd disappointment, eh?). All things considered, the following five have to be my favorite ‘non-desi’ breakfast items in the city of Karachi thus far:

1. The Parisian at Cafe Cosmopolitan

Though there are many items on the breakfast menu at Cafe Cosmopolitan that have the potential to make this list, but The Parisian takes top honors for me for it’s flavor and uniqueness. This is a flaky, scrumptious and savory onion pastry served with a couple of poached eggs on top, rocket (arugula) leaves and topped with a drizzle of some delicious Hollandaise sauce. The poached eggs can be as runny or as solid as you want; just tell your server what you prefer. Some might cringe (not me!) at the thought of having pastry first thing in the morning, but I guarantee this dish will make you believe!

cosmopolitanThe Parisian — you’ll love it! 

2. The Nutella French Toast at Cafe Mews

At Cafe Mews, there was a tie between the yummy Shakshuka (eggs cooked in a skillet with tomatoes) and self explanatory Nutella French Toast. However, the sweet French toast wins it for me (my sweet tooth is to blame, clearly).  This is not your regular French toast; it’s a thick ‘loaf’ of bread, filled with Nutella and toasted to perfection! The best thing about this French toast is that it’s topped with a handful of deliciously crunchy and perfectly toasted granola. The whole thing is brought together with a drizzle of sweet icing on top. If you’re like me and love having a sweet breakfast, then you’re going to go nuts for this one!

mewsIt’s got granola. So it’s probably healthy, right?

3. The Chicken Omelette at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

Butler’s Chocolate Cafe is known for it’s decadent hot chocolates and chocolate truffles, but the item from their breakfast menu that has made it to my list is their Chicken Omelette. It is — well — an omelette made with chicken. An unconventional combination, but a delicious one nonetheless! It’s served with your choice of brown or white toast, hash browns, a roasted tomato and baked beans!

butlersEggs, chicken and hash browns. Need I say more?

4. The Classic Eggs Benedict at Xander’s Cafe

Xander’s is also a popular choice among Karachites for their Classic Eggs Benedict breakfast known to be the best in town! The dish was first made popular in New York City, but people all over the world now enjoy it with their own variations. The Eggs Benedict served at Xander’s consist of two halves of homemade country bread, each of which is topped with either a turkey bacon or smoked salmon (you can choose), a poached egg draped with a mouth-watering Hollandaise sauce, some olives and served with a side of fresh spinach and roasted tomato.

xandersEasily the best Hollandaise sauce you’re going to have!

5. N’eco’s French Toast by N’eco’s Cafe

N’eco’s Cafe claims to provide good, healthy food to it’s customers; and with their N’eco’s French Toast, they hit it out of the park! Don’t be fooled by it’s presentation, because while it’s not the best looking dish, your first mouthful will make you realize why it’s the most popular item on the breakfast menu! It consists of two door-step thick slices of their American-sized loaf toasted to perfection, and served with a choice of their signature homemade toppings. I highly recommend you order it with their caramelized bananas, whipped cream and crunchy honeycomb. That’s the best combination for French toast in my opinion. Other options for toppings include apple, raisin, cinnamon compote and seasonal fruit with maple syrup.

necosFrench toast done right! 

What do you think, fellow foodies? Do you agree with our list of breakfast items, or have we missed out on your favorite dish? Let us know in the comments below!