For decades, way before the much anticipated economic corridor, both China and Pakistan have been extending a hand of friendship in the area of food! You will find a considerable number of Chinese restaurants in the country. And if you’re the kind of person that can’t say no to a yummy plate of chow mien or a sizzler chicken lime, keep reading to discover the best Chinese cuisine in Islamabad!

Dragon City

Located in one of the most peaceful areas of Islamabad, Dragon City is a fine dining restaurant you can rely on to deliver the tastiest in Chinese food! The food tastes exceptionally good and their soup is to die for. The ambiance can feel a bit off at times, especially when you hear the massive exhaust they have installed as you walk in. But the moment your food is served, you forget all that and dive right in!

Oh and by the way, this place is a great place to visit in the winters. Take a moment and imagine dipping the crispiest of crackers into your favorite bowl of soup. I’m sure you’re going to love Dragon City.

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Kim Mun

I’ve been living in Islamabad for nearly my entire life. Believe me when I say I’ve seen most food joints open up before my eyes. Kim Mun is one such restaurant that started with a small place and a management team that wasn’t trained at all. Now however, Kim Mun has opened up in more than one location and the food just keeps getting better and better! What’s admirable apart from the food is the fact that the owners are always around to make your experience as great as they can.

Kim Mun’s best dish is easily their Chicken Chow Mein. I say that because I’m not especially a chow mien person, but what they serve just cannot be passed up!


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Wang Fu

Every time one is in the capital’s commercial Blue Area district, Wang Fu’s big red sign is clearly visible. The giant neon words mean “to go and then make a return trip”. The word also means “a prince’s mansion”. And I gotta say that everyone really does return to this place for their delicious Chinese platter!

I personally know of people who weren’t sure whether this was an actual restaurant. I decided to take a couple of them here to feast on what was a scrumptious meal. You have GOT to try Wang Fu — somehow it’s the only Chinese restaurant in Islamabad which understands that presentation always matters.

Their Beef with Green Chili Dry is my recommendation at Wang Fu. The beef is not only well seasoned, but also cooked to the core using the deadliest of spices!

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Mei Kong

Mei Kong is not exactly in Islamabad, rather nestled in Rawalpindi Saddar. However, if you truly are a sucker for Chinese cuisine, it’s worth the trip. Word of caution though, the food isn’t always of the same consistency, and all items on the menu are overpriced, sadly. But if fate is on your side, Mei Kong can be a fantastic experience with some exceptionally well cooked dishes!

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China Town

China Town took Islamabad by storm when it began serving, and it wasn’t long before it became the talk of the town. If you’re one of those foodies who likes themselves a nice plate of Chinese Rice and a Chicken and Lime Gravy with a tad bit of sourness, China Town is the place for you!

This place is so great that I have not one, but two recommendations. The first is their China Town Special Soup which is a blend of mushrooms and shrimps. The second is their Szechuan Chicken, a semi-spicy dish with a dense sauce.

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So head out to any of these places this evening and make it one to remember.

What did you think of our list? Do you think some other restaurant deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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