Mr. Asad Amin is an auditor by profession and a foodie at heart! With Lahore having a vast variety of the most scrumptious food items available in Pakistan, he hit the streets in his quest for the finest Channas (chickpeas) and found many places that pleased him and shared his experience with the people of Pakistan by reviewing each of the venues he visited.

  • Mutton Channay of Hall Road: According to him, this place has the best Mutton in Lahore. Mutton Channay (mutton chickpeas) with Machli Boti (fish) costs around Rs. 600 and he suggests a plate of Mutton Channay with simple Channay which would be enough for two persons. There is also a selection of mouth- watering Mutton Kofta (mutton meatballs), Desi Eggs etc. The Raita is to die for! This place does not have a tandoor (oven) so the customers should expect an average quality naan. Mr Asad rated this place 9/10.
  • Mutton Channay of Montgomery Road near Lakshami: This place is situated near the center of Montgomery Road and has serious parking issues. However the mutton channay were an absolute favorite of his and their price was similar to the mutton channay of Hall Road. Again, this place lacks a tandoor and he thought the naan had the consistency of rubber! His rating for this place is 8/10.
  • Saleem Chaney Timber Market: This area is located near the truck station and fruit market. It can easily be the top contender with the most delicious Mutton Channay. The Channay are with tasty gravy and are not oily at all. An added plus is the naan which comes out piping hot from the tandoor available there. Customers can enjoy other dishes such as regular eggs and mutton kofta. The price range is from Rs. 200 to 450. His rating for this place is 9/10.
  • Jeela Butt Mutton Chaney, Shadbagh: This channa place also offers good tasting Channas but Mr. Asad did not like them as much as the other places mentioned. His rating is 8/10 for this one.
  • Ghousia Mutton Chaney, Inside Lohari Gate: One has to park the car outside Lohari Gate and walk around a kilometer to reach this place. He liked the food here generally and particularly liked the quality of mutton. He rates it as 8/10.
  • Yaseen Chaney, Gawalmandi Ghatti: This one was one of his favorites! Even though it is a small shop, it offers one of the best mutton Channay in Lahore. He found the Channay better than those served at Hall Road. Prices range from Rs. 300 to 650, depending on the mutton piece one goes for. This place also serves amazing Mutton Koftay and Mutton Yakhni. He rates it 9/10.
  • Manoo Desi Murgh Chaney, Sultan Pura: This was also one of his most favorite places! The taste was great and the dishes were not too oily either. The Channay are available on meat less days only. On regular days, this place is crowded for its excellent food. Added to this, it serves the best Kulcha anyone would have ever tasted in Lahore. The price for Desi Murgh Channay is around Rs. 200. He rates it 9/10.
  • Haji Ghulam Rasool Chaney, Neela Gumbad: This venue offers one of the best selections of Channay in Lahore during lunch time. The Channay are served with very light gravy. This place is a hit for families enjoying their time off on holidays. Mr. Asad also liked the taste of their Mutton Koftas and really appreciated the Khamiri roti (flatbread) served with Channay. He rated this place 9/10.
  • Tara Butt Desi Murgh Chaney, Gawalmandi: Mr. Asad was also a big fan of this place. The Channay here are mixed with shorba (gravy) too but have an exquisite taste. A fresh tandoor nearby supplies hot kulchas to go with them. This place also has a high rating of 9/10.
  • Ustad Bola Desi Murgh Chaney, Texali, Ravi Road: This place has excellent Desi Murgh Chaney, one of the best in Lahore! The desi murgh (chicken) pieces are juicy and of a high quality. The tandoor available nearby is an added plus as it serves hot and fresh naan. His rating is 9/10.
  • Miraj Din or Maja Chaney, Main Market Gulberg: Serves mutton as well as Desi Murgh Channay. The taste is good. Mr. Asad particularly liked the Salad and Raita. This place is the best option for people residing in the Gulberg Area. However, the naan served has a rubbery quality. He rated this place 8/10.
  • Munna Mutton Chaney, Lakhshami Chowk: Mr. Asad thinks that this place has good food but it is not as good as the other places he visited. He liked the quality of mutton being used though. His rating is 8/10.

Do you know any more Chaney spots in Lahore that deserve to be on this list, do let us know!

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