Apart from all the sickness and flu this season brings; one thing is so heavenly that you simply cannot resist it. We are talking about the reddish and juicy carrots.

Kabuli Pulao (Afghani rice) is the delightful blend of subtle sweetness and crispy fried carrots, accompanied by rice and meat. The texture of almonds, pistachios, and chopped nuts bring a richness to the flavor that is unique in taste and texture!

Speaking of this flavorsome treat, a few of our favorite places offer the best Kabuli pulao in Islamabad.

1. Habibi Restaurant

This restaurant provides both the hospitality of Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa and best traditional food under one roof. Habibi Restaurant has a variety of desi cuisines ranging from spicy barbecue to namkeen Karhai. The best thing on the menu must be their special Kabuli pulao. The healthy and hearty dish works perfectly fine regardless of the season. The classic blend of texture, color and taste makes it completely divine.

Image: Google Images

2. Kabul Restaurant

If you are craving the authentic Kabuli food, then this place is a must go-to place for Kabuli food lovers. The taste and the aura is unique and exceptional.  As for Kabuli (Qabli) pulao, this restaurant offers one of the best pulao in town. The flavor is impeccable with many variations and served best with chicken karhai.

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3. Des Pardes

Des Pardes is all about making your experience extra special and unique by its fine dining and fabulous taste. The restaurant offers variations in Kabuli pulao, either you go with lamb or beef, you cannot keep up with your calories having this sweet and savory delicacy in front of you. This dish is best served with the lamb handi which is another heavenly dish of the restaurant.

Image: Facebook/ Des Pardes

What do you think, folks? Which eatery offers the best Kabuli pulao in Islamabad?

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