Sometimes all you need is a good breakfast to kick start the day or let us rephrase it: WE need a good breakfast to start our day in the right way. Since breakfast should be fit for a king’s meal, make sure you get one of the best breakfasts in town. A healthy breakfast can give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for smart decisions throughout the day.

We have listed 5 places which offer the best breakfast in the capital considering both desi and non-desi options.

1. Chattas

If you are craving a desi breakfast,  Chattas should definitely be a go-to place for you. They serve one of the best versions of Halwa Puri in town. While their breakfast menu ranges from spicy Aloo Bhujia to the very special Pakistani style omelette along with a wide range of parathas. Combining any of these exquisite menu items with Doodh Patti or their special Lassi makes a meal fit for a king.

chatthasThe Chattha’s Shahi Nashta Thaali!

2. Des Pardes

Des Pardes has both the traditional Pakistani regional cuisines and non-traditional cuisines to offer to the foodies in Islamabad. What really steals away our hearts is the desi breakfast menu that they offer which goes perfectly nicely with scenic views in the morning.  Just take one look at their Lahori Breakfast Thali and fall in love!

Image: Facebook/ Des Perdes

Lahori Breakfast Thali!

3. Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana is definitely a place that is known for its diverse breakfast menu!  They have various options ranging from a light English breakfast to the more heavy Aloo parathas. Their Croissants with egg and cheese, as well as their mushroom omelette are a must try for any food lover!

chaaye khana

                        Mushroom Omelette and Sausages with Toast!

4. Street 1 Cafe

Street 1 Cafe has set up a high benchmark when it comes to quality and pleasurable dining. With a traditional favorite menu, this cafe offers a burst of flavors and a nice start to a productive day. The breakfast menu enlists a wide range of dishes and their Breakfast Sandwich and Mushroom Omelette are a must try!

10941462_1525169747772415_3701627679503472740_n (1)Mushroom Cheese Omelette with Grilled Tomato and Hashbrown!

5. Khoka Khola

This is a dhabba style eatery which serves some super awesome desi breakfast items. Served in traditional steel utensils, this is a definite must-go-to place for a desi breakfast. Their Qeema Paratha is a must-try along with their delicious, savory omelets!


                 Omelette and Paratha, served with traditional Desi Chai!

These are 5 of our favorite picks for breakfast in the capital. Which one of these is your favorite option for a delicious desi breakfast?

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