Meeting new people in the food world and getting to know their untold stories has always been the best part of being a food blogger. Muhammad Rimmel, owner of dessert bar Guilty Pleasures, is among the newest on the list of inspiring food entrepreneurs in Islamabad. Guilty Pleasures is an exciting dessert location catering to a variety of specialty sweet creations; hot, cold or in-between. They not only serve all this great sweet stuff, but also bring some ‘next level’ trends to the capital as well.

Over the past few months, Guilty Pleasures has created much hype in Islamabad, so I visited the dessert bar to see if it lives up to the hype. Located right next to the Agha Noor store on the 3rd floor of Centaurus Mall, the concept of the dessert bar is mesmerizing, with a perfectly detailed interior. One thing you’ll notice here is the great use of space, with tempting bakery items and a live preparation station share the space. That’s right, they can make you what you want right there! Everything from the counters to the custom-made racks has been given special attention. Thoughtful, aesthetic design all the way through.

So why the name? Rimmel tells us this is among the many he had in mind. “Initially, I had around a hundred and fifty names in mind; I shortlisted until I got down to this one. I think it’s unique and catchy.” And we agree!

If you’re walking past Guilty Pleasures at Centauras, the first thing to grab your attention will be the ice creams rolls being prepared live in front of your eyes. With a blend of around 30 flavors and delightful toppings, this sinful treat is very, very delicious!


Cream and toppings are poured on an icy cold tray and then mixed together. The mixture is then straightened, rolled and squished perfectly into a cup. With a great presentation and a winning combination of flavors, these rolls are creamy and super delightful.

Ice cream rolls might be their signature dish, but Guilty Pleasures is focused on offering their customers a unique bakery experience as well. The Lemon Meringue Pie here is the ultimate classic dessert. Filled with fresh, zesty lemons over a lightly browned base and paired with the sugary hard crust of egg white meringue. “It’s not easy to make the meringues, as one in every 10 is likely to crack,” Rimmel shared. “Egg whites demand attention, and you need to whip them very well.”


A dessert experience cannot be complete without the sweet touch of Nutella. Guilty Pleasures also serves up a Nutella Brownie. It’s light, soft and with Nutella sandwiched in between. The flavors are simple, yet effortlessly delightful.


You do need cheese to say cheese! Our personal favorite from the menu was their Nutella Lime Cheesecake, where fresh creamy cheese with a little touch of lime was spread over a soft base. This is one of the best cheesecakes in town. The flavors were on point and the whole experience was irresistible. If you’re a big fan of Nutella and cream cheese, you will absolutely devour this dessert!


The most exciting thing about Guilty Pleasures is the creativity and unique presentation they offer. Here, for the first time in Islamabad, you can get Coffee in a Cone. To fit hot fizzy coffee in a cone is a huge challenge in itself, and is certainly a mystery to us. Inside, the cone is layered with chocolate and creamy coffee. Both the texture and taste were exquisite!


“Being a food entrepreneur, commitment and innovation is key,” Rimmel tells us. And we can safely say that Guilty Pleasures has quickly become one of our favorite dessert spots in the capital. Be sure to visit and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below!

Duaa Asif

Business student, trainer, foodie and an entrepreneur to be!