What could be more pleasing than a warm bowl of soup during the cold winter? I can get pretty serious about my soups. So finding the best ones in Islamabad became something of a personal quest for me. Ranked here are my top 3 spots in Islamabad to get soup that will keep you warm and nourished this season.

3. Chinatown

Soup bowls at Chinatown are filling and flavorful. Their Special Soup is a perfect blend of fresh vegetables, chicken, beef, mushrooms, and shrimps. What more could you want in one pot? Their Chicken Corn Soup is simple yet nutritious, and will keep your bones warm on a chilly winter night and won’t leave you hungry. The Chicken Mushroom Soup is another one to try at Chinatown; it’s light and frothy, and combines chicken with shiitake mushrooms for a classic flavor.


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Address: Sector F-8, Islamabad.

2. Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple’s Tom Kha Gai soup is a creamy coconut broth. It looks deceivingly plain, but has those spicy notes to it which are sure to make you sweat! The comforting flavors of this hot, spicy and sour soup are spot on. Another one to try is their Tom Yum Prawn Soup! Click here to read our full review of Tiger Temple.


Address: Beverly Center, Islamabad.

1. Dumpling Zhang

The soups at Dumpling Zhang are my absolute favorite. The bowls are perfect as wintry starters to your meals, or meals in themselves! Apart from the great ambiance and prompt services, Dumpling Zhang offers both clear and thick creamy bowls of soup. The way the ingredients go together gives it a unique flavor, while the use of Chinese ingredients like aromatic herbs spins it in a deliciously different way. Their classic Vegetable and Mushroom Soup is a must try to beat the cold!


Photo: Amina Omer

Address: Street 8, F-8/3, Islamabad.

Honorable mentions:

It’s important to mention here the great soups available at roadside stalls. Roadside vendors serve hearty soups with an unbeatable taste and at reasonable prices. Our top mentions for roadside soup stalls include Toba Tek Singh Soup in G-9 Markaz. Toba Tek only serves two kinds of soup: Chicken Corn and Hot and Sour. These light, simple, yet delicious bowls are perfect comfort food on those chilly winters nights.

What did you think of our list? What is your favorite soup spot in Islamabad? Let us know in the comments below.

Duaa Asif

Business student, trainer, foodie and an entrepreneur to be!