It’s 12  am  and,I have a final exam tomorrow .Yes! The semester is about to end. But wait, I have to pass that paper tomorrow first. My best friend and I are trying to pull an all-nighter trying to cram 150+ pages of that consumer behavior course pack.Trying to give all we’ve got to pass, just pass that paper tomorrow. And then at 1 am ‘it’ happens. My eyes start burning, I can’t concentrate, I can’t even think straight. ‘It’ has hit me hard,‘It’ is tormenting, ‘It’ is HUNGER!!

Yes my stomach is literally shouting … My all-nighter buddy is slowly starting to lose her mind and the universe is plotting against us; the fridge is empty and we are on a low budget. (Wake parents up and ask them for money? Noooooooo thank you!)

We’re huge foodies! And like almost every day, this seems like a bleak day. Just thoughts of a meal that is crispy, dripping in sauce, and comes with salted fries and a cold, very very very cold drink.

Dreaming….. just dreaming of a high quality , low budget………WAIT! WHAT’S THAT NEW PLACE??!

Has this ever happened to you? No? Oh well… you can stop reading then, you’re just gonna miss out on some awesome food info 😛 . Yes?? High Five! Because after reading this, you my friend won’t even think twice about where to go for a delicious, hygienic and affordable meal and by affordable I mean all you need in your pocket is 250 Rs. Yuppppp I said it, just 250!

Introducing….. the most talked about fast food joint in lahore .. Johnny & Jugnu!!! J&J is the ‘sauciest’ place I’ve ever been to! No kidding. This Fast food venture is all about their sauces.

Just imagine dipping a juicy Zinger burger  (the Wehshi Zinger) in a spicy and tangy ‘chipotle sauce’ OR dipping a beautiful chicken tortilla wrap-with add ons like beans and sweat corn-in a super spicy ‘atomic sauce’….. Just ahhhhhh-ma-zingggg!! JnJ offers 6 different, but equally tasty sauce option (Yup, I said SIX!).

Dunk those crispy fries in their lovely ‘Greek’ or ‘Jalapeno’ sauce and taste heaven,literally!! Try their Zinger burger and fries combo (don’t forget to select a sauce!) teamed up with a drink and your food craving for the day will be more than satisfied.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hungry at 6 pm or at 1 am, this food joint has you covered.So if you’re a college student / recent struggling graduate, tight on a budget or simply just someone who enjoys and dreams of a great quality affordable meal, my suggestion: make Johnny n Jugnu your go to place.

Zara Naveed

Zara Naveed is a recent graduate from the Lahore School of Economics. She currently works at the Hope Uplift Foundation- a Lahore based non-profit organization. Her hobbies include travelling and writing. During her travels, she has had the pleasure of trying out various cuisines ranging from Ethiopian, Turkish, Iranian, Japanese, Italian and American. Her love for food comes from her passion to experience new cultures. “Food is what brings people together; it connects the world. A plate represents more than just some ingredients, it represents a lifestyle, a tradition and a culture. “- Zara Naveed