If you thought only Lahoris can do their food spectacularly, we Karachi-ites are no less! These food streets in Karachi are famous for bringing cuisines from every corner of the world to the cosmopolitan city of Karachi. From the bustling area of Burns Road to the serene atmosphere of Do Darya, each food street shows you a side of Karachi like no other.

1. Port Grand

This majestic and grand place can leave you awestruck. The quaint little avenue is cozily tucked in the Port Grand area, and once you enter it, it seems like a truly magical place, far away from the maddening crowd!

Whether it is BBQ you crave for or it is fast food you are in the mood for, the food here is served with a side of gorgeous sea breeze and scenic views.


2. Do Darya

The dreamy sounding name is exactly how the food street feels in reality. Whether it is the food which beckons us towards it or the mesmerizing scenery, we can’t decide.

Located along the sea on Sea View Road, here you will find food giants such as Kolachi, Sajjad, Nawab Darbar, Al Habib Restaurant, Kababjees and Charcoal Grill, to name a few.

Whichever place you opt for, enjoy your food with a cool breeze and the view of the waves caressing the beach. The lovely views of the sea would make you want to stay here long after your meal is finished!


3. Burns Road

If we were to choose one street representing Karachi, this would be it. From the humble Daal Chawal (Lentils and Rice)  to the magnanimous paaye , it caters to all, much in the spirit of Karachi!

Located in the old part of the city, this food street has seen many generations of foodies come and go. You would find Burns Road preserving the taste of the traditional Pakistani dishes such as Haleem, Kebabs, Biryani, Fried Fish and Nihari in all their glory. If you are looking for something traditional and sweeter side, you can go for the famous and mouthwatering Rabri.

And once your gluttonous journey is over, end it on an equally gluttonous note with Lassi, Falooda or the more modern delicacy of ice cream!

????????????????????????????????????The unbeatable street food of Burns Road!

4. Sindhi Muslim

A relatively recent entrant in the food street scenario, Sindhi Muslim is in the center of the bustling city and is a gastronomic delight for foodies.

In close vicinity of Tariq Road, this food street is a cluster of eateries bringing something for desi as well as international palates.  This easily accessible area is a good option for those weekdays when you don’t want to go to the other side of the bridge for having some yummy food.

Nando’s, Gloria Jeans and Rochester Cafe are some of the eateries you would find here.


5. Zamzama

An upscale and posh area, this street is clustered with cafes so you can eat your heart out. Here, the French cuisine rubs shoulder with Italian entrees and Thai food contests the Chinese for a share of your appetite.

Image: DHA Today
Image: DHA Today

6. Boat Basin

You know you are in Karachi when you have a heartwarming breakfast, not in a fine dining restaurant or in an upscale eatery, but on a Takht in the cool, breezy area of Boat Basin.

Giving you wide culinary varieties, you are left drooling and wondering whether to go for the luxurious Koila Karahi or crispy Chicken Broast.

Image: Trip Advisor
Image: Trip Advisor

7. Hussainabad

Another great place for desi food lovers, you can devour anything from Kabab Paratha and Sajji to Biryani and Haleem here.

Situated in Azizabad, this food street had a modest inception with a few shops. While it is famous for serving delectable Pakistani foods such as Katakat, Biryani, Barbecue and Mince, it has also caught on the trend of serving modern food such as Rolls, Chinese cuisine, Burgers and Pizza.


With so many food streets marking the map of Karachi, which one will appear on your to-eat list?