No city in Pakistan can come near Karachi when it comes to the tasty roll parathas in the city. Whether you want to get it with chicken or beef filling you simply cannot resist the taste of roll parathas in the city.

Here are 5 of our favorite places to get these roll parathas in Karachi:

Paratha Roll Corners: You Can’t Resist These When You are in Karachi

Killing your hunger strike in daytime can be your mum’s matter but when it is 2 o’clock at night and your mama has already hit the sack its time to get anything that can suffice your food craving! Paratha rolls are one of my favorite choices. A number of variations have been introduced in this line. You can choose among different flavors comprising beef, chicken or no meat at all (yes, I’m talking about the cheese-o-philic peeps). You may find this listicle as an honest guide to your destiny.

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Red Apple

If you assert yourself as a Karachi food lover and you haven’t been to Red Apple then your pronouncement is fake. Red Apple is heaven for the foodies in Karachi, especially for the roll lovers. From beef to chicken with cheese and vegetables wrapped in desi paratha or pita bread they have an exhausted list of rolls. My personal favorite is chicken reshmi mayo garlic roll.

1538788_1444646359081074_588876615_n-red-apple-fb-e1445431837863Image: Facebook/Red Apple

Hot n Spicy:

If you really love and care for your taste buds then Hot N Spicy is for sure on the top of the list! They definitely have a great taste to boast.The ambiance is lovely and clean as well. While talking about their menu, besides other desi items the finely wrapped in butter paper paratha rolls are definitely a must try. Ordering online may calm your appetite but checking in at the restaurant would add to the taste of the food.

10150809_871212136239295_3936686912141391058_n-hot-n-spicy-facebook-page-e1445432174903Image: Facebook/Hot n Spicy

Spicy Tonight:

As their brand name suggests, if you are willing to have something spicy tonight then you are at the right place. Ranging from desi BBQ items to the firangi style zingers; they are not less than any other big name in the food arena. The paratha rolls loaded with cheese and mayo garlic sauce are the show stoppers for them. Beware! Check in at the restaurant only if you have a handsome pocket.f5d73d243406ae8e5a8af7ef20d70a6bImage: Google Images

Rock n Roll

You may discover a number of roll corners which you may doubt as this specific roll place. If fortunately, you succeed in finding the real Rock n Roll Bar.B.Q whose one branch is located at 5-star food street and the other one near U.P Mor North Karachi. The rolls there are definitely worth drooling for. The malai garlic roll is a  thing not to miss.

Paratha-Roll-2Image: Google

Nawab’s Rolls & BBQ:

Situated at the busy matric board office roundabout, Nawab’s Rolls and BBQ can prove heavy on your stomach, but  not so much on your pocket. You can choose from barbecue food items to a number of paratha rolls. The malai boti, seekh kabab, beef boti, chicken tikka and many more flavors are there to confuse you when ordering from Nawab’s.

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Well, the compilation of this article was one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever performed. These were only 5 of those thousands (yes, no hyperbole) of restaurants which are roll experts. You may find a paratha roll in every nook and corner of the City of Lights.