It’s quite hard to find quality food at an affordable price these days. And where low-cost options are available, the food entrepreneurs sadly do not always focus on quality. What would you say if we told you that you can have a full meal of great quality and amazing taste in well under Rs. 300?

We’re talking about an interesting food joint in G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, called Pait Pooja. Having opened just five months ago, this eatery is already a favorite among desi food lovers in the twin cities. This nifty little place is also becoming a hangout spot for students and those working in the area.


As we approached Pait Pooja, we found a small eatery located beside the Sector G-11 park with a small outdoor seating. Adeel, the eatery’s co-owner, greeted us. He began by telling us about Pait Pooja and his passion for putting healthy and tasty food on the table for everyone. He also said it was important for him that the prices remain affordable. As he was telling us his story, a tailor from a nearby shop came and placed an order for 3 parathas. Adeel told us the usual influx of the customers during the morning include tailors, laborers and guards from nearby. Since the food is relatively affordable, and the servings hefty, it’s become a popular choice for many.

3Pait Pooja co-founder Adeel stands proudly with his product

“I had worked in the oil and gas sector in Balochistan as an engineer for 3 years when I decided to quit and move back to Islamabad,” Adeel said.

As we placed our order, he told us how he always thought Islamabad lacked eateries that provided quality healthy food at an affordable price.

“I am from Ambala (India), originally. Living in Islamabad made me see how you could never find good home quality food here. I wanted to change that with Pait Pooja,” he explained.

Pait Pooja’s specialties are stuffed parathas. Yes, these guys serve the most exquisite garma garam (hot) parathas in town. The fillings range from thier sweet Meetha Paratha to the spicy Mooli Ka Paratha. For those who like a little desi-western fusion, they also serve a Nutella Paratha.

4Our order being prepared

We ordered both their mooli and meetha parathas, and they immediately ended hunger-induced woes. The filling in the Mooli Paratha had just the right amount of spices and tasted great with the plain yogurt they were served with. It was crispy and surprisingly not as oily as parathas usually are!

2We had to take a bite before we could take a picture

The Meetha Paratha was a hit as well, with the right amount of sweetness and topped with fresh cream. We also enjoyed a hot cup of tea with our parathas (obviously). Adeel told us that many of his customers like to get their fillings customized as well. One such example is their Achaari Aloo Paratha.

1The addition of cream on top is what made this Meetha Paratha so special

Pait Pooja is the perfect place for anyone  that wants to enjoy quality desi food that’s easy on the pocket. We highly recommended this place.