It all started when we, a group of friends, decided to visit Tavern Grill. All of us were coming from different corners of the city. We had heard good things about Tavern Grill from other hungry beings like us, and so this easily accessible place located near Tariq Road was a no-brainer!

We made our way up past the glassy, sparkling mocktail bar and dessert section located on the ground floor. Tavern Grill has a nice, welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. With rumbling stomachs, we quickly ordered Tarragon chicken, Moroccan chicken, Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken Supreme Pizza. We were spellbound when the food came!

Generous in size, each dish spoke of the perfect craftsmanship that went into it. Juicy and succulent Tarragon chicken and Moroccan chicken were soft to bite , and were washed down merrily with our cool mocktails that reminded us of the Summer breeze.
The Spaghetti Bolognese was richly complemented by the fragrance of the Italian herbs. The Chicken Supreme pizza was good too, but it was  the chicken entrees which stole the show!

The tantalizing food warranted another visit, and so we went there again soon after our first visit.  And this time, we decided to try some dishes from the Mexican Fiesta menu.

The top three dishes recommended to us by the server were Burrito, Chimichanga and Enchiladas. We ordered these plus Tavern’s Classic Chicken Burger and Chicken Ala Kiev.

As we bit into the sour and tangy Burrito, we could taste the spices, sour cream and cheese sauce which combined to give us a full burst of flavors. The golden brown Spanish rice were the perfect complement to mellow the extra spice! Delicioso, amigos!

burritoBurrito Ala Grande- it was grand!

Chimichanga, a tortilla based dish was in the similar vein as the Burrito. It is essentially a deep-fried burrito. However, it was a bit too sour for our taste. Chimichanga could have been a fascinating combination of tangy-ness, cheese-iness  with the  crunch of vegetables. It was all of that, but, it was too overpowered by the sourness of the dish.

chimichangaChimichanga, served with beans and Spanish rice!

Enchiladas were a decent attempt at  minced meat in red sauce topped with cheese. The rich aroma of Italian herbs wafted up from it as we dug into the cheesy enchiladas.


One of the friends had opted for the relatively less ‘cheesier’ dish i.e Tavern’s Classic Chicken burger. This was another hit. As I sampled a bit of the burger, I could taste the burger was spot on with its soft, fresh bun, and  having a crunchy burger patty doused with cheese sauce inside. I am drooling as I write about it!

And last but not the least was Chicken Ala Kiev. With origins in Russia, this exotic dish was as tantalizing as it sounds and we just couldn’t stop from gobbling it down! The crusty, golden brown chicken was tender on the inside with cheese oozing out. Is there any other classier way to have cheese? Our only regret was not placing two orders for it! This is definitely, one of the winners at Tavern’s Grill! A keeper, I say!

chiken ala kievChicken Ala Kiev with loaded baked potato and a side!

‘Lemonade on the rocks’ was the choice of our table. A refreshing brew, it was the perfect accompaniment for the spicy, and feisty Mexican dishes!

Though we were full, we decided to end our feast on a sweet note and opted for the ‘Tavern Pie’. We were delighted to receive a calorie laden, hearty dessert of Oreo crumbs, coffee ice cream walnuts and chocolate mousse. It was made only more blissful by the subtle taste of peanut butter.

tavern pieTavern pie- You can worry about the calories later. For now, dig in!

Tavern Grill is currently offering 50% on every second entree ordered. Because of the deal, it cost us approximately Rs. 1000 per head. Oh, before I forget, this was the second time we were not able to finish our entire meals, not in the least because of taste, but because of the generous and hearty serving sizes!

All in all, we were a happy clan walking away, happily fed from Tavern Grill and when you go, you will be too!

tavern 2

If you feel inspired by the review, do visit the eatery and share your views in the comments below!