Eid is here and with that comes the planning of all those Eid get-togethers! Whether you’re sacrificing a bakra (goat) or a gaaye (cow) for Eid, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind — utilizing all that meat in the most delicious manner possible (the third that’s left after distribution among relatives and the needy, of course).

As far as we’re concerned, there are only two kinds of people during the ‘Meaty Eid’. The first like to get their hands dirty and revel in the cooking process, while the second LOVE eating all that delicious barbecue but absolutely loathe the work that comes with it. If you belong to the latter, then this post is for you!

Read on to discover the three top places in Karachi that offer to roast your lamb leg for you this Eid!


Hanifia are known as the “pioneers in hunter beef”, but they also make some kick-ass ‘raan’, or lamb leg roast. This father-son duo started their food business back in 1898 in Shimla, India. After partition, they shifted and settled in Karachi. If there’s one thing that stands out in all of the items on their menu, it’s their unique blend of spices.

This Eid, they are offering to roast lamb legs for Rs. 320 per kg. Just drop off your lamb leg at any of their branches on the first day of Eid and they’ll have it all roasted and ready to eat by the third day!hanifiaCraving for a chatpati raan? Look no further. Source: Facebook

Kaiser Restaurant

Kaiser Restaurant has been around since 1953. It is now run by one of the sons of the original founder. It is said that their mutton leg recipe and roasting process was formulated by the founder and old BBQ specialist many years ago. Their process involves lightly spicing and curing the meat for just the right taste and texture.

Situated opposite the Old Lighthouse Cinema on Bunder Road, this place is not easy to reach. Once you overcome this minor hurdle, their food will make you keep coming back for more!

You can go to them on the second day of Eid with your lamb leg in the morning and they promise to have it ready for you that same night for Rs. 350 per kg.kaiserSource: Facebook

Bar B.Q. Tonight

Bar B.Q. Tonight is the youngest restaurant on this list, having been around since just 1988, but it’s still as good, if not better! This eatery is popular because they offer some of the best barbecued and roasted items in Karachi, and also have a well-managed indoor and outdoor seating area.

For the Meaty Eid, they will roast your lamb leg for Rs. 1,000 per leg. If you give it to them in the morning of the first day of Eid, you can get it back all done that very night — no waiting for the sun to go up the next day!bbqYou can always rely on Bar B.Q. Tonight! Source: Facebook

So guys, I hope this list helps you plan your Eid feasts a little better. If you have any suggestions, we’re all ears!