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Calling out all the foodies from Peshawar; Peshawar Food Carnival is happening on 12th May at Shiraz gathering from 5 PM-11 PM. Holding more than 40 eatery stalls under one roof, thus a chance for you to experience a huge variety of food and drinks with your family. It is time to have your fill on Kabuli Pulao (rice pilaf), kababs and tikkas, watch cultural performances and kids have a special play area. There are competitions to take part in and prizes to be won; a huge cultural family food festival awaits your arrival.

Expect brands like Mr. Cod, Bakeology, Pizza Hut, K’s Dining, Melting Spot, Pot Black, Food District, Sinfully Sweet, Chief Burger, Brownie Box, Peshawari Baithak, Manto and more cultural flavors. Individual stalls cover hot snacks like BBQ kababs, beef tikkas, malai boti, you name it.

Apart from all these, we have our top 5 favorite stalls.

Chefling Tales are looking forward to:

Baba Wali     

Peshawar food carnival is not going to be complete unless we sink into some Kabuli pulao and that too from Baba Wali. We can’t wait to have the authentic Kabuli pulao and so don’t miss the chance of tasting the best of Peshawar’s delicacies.  

Food District

For all the beef burger lovers, this is the stall you should not miss and here is where you will find us as well. Chomping down some beef burgers, roll parathas and BBQ kebabs is on our list and if like us, your appetite is big, Food district is your spot.

Chief Burger

Chief Burger is on our list for some of the best burgers, sandwiches, rolls, steaks and more. One stop spot for all your fast food needs as their menu holds a wide range of eateries, anything you might wish for.

Sinfully Sweet

Sinfully Sweet brings you a collection of amazing desserts that are not just good to eat but are alluring at sight. If you haven’t had Sinfully Sweet treats, here is your chance to fall in love with flavorful desserts, varying from chocolate to caramel with nuts to lemon cheesecake.

Brownie Box

Brownie Box serves the best brownies perfect for your sweet tooth. Find some heart melting brownies at the Brownie Box stall, flavors ranging from Oreo, caramel, chocolate nutty brownies and more.

Along with our outreach partners, Peshawar Food Diaries, catch us live from the Peshawar Food Carnival and eat all you can from under one roof.

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