Winters are adored by everyone, but let’s not forget the challenges that come with it. And topping that list is, ‘Yaar, sardi bohat hai’ (Dude, it’s cold). Let’s have a look at some of these mundane challenges each of us faces in the cold.

Contemplating leaving the house for your favorite meal

Craving your favorite lasagna or panini? Have to leave the house to go get it because you’d rather be eating in a nice restaurant than having it delivered? Now that is a dilemma. If you’re that sort of foodie who prefers having their food served with great presentation in a great setting, then you my friend are in trouble.

Walking into the cold kitchen to make a snack

Feeling cozy in your warm bed with the heater on but suddenly struck by the need to munch on ingredients you know you can slap together into a snack? It’s a problem.


To ice cream or not ice cream

In this era of ice cream rolls, how can you overcome the dilemma of having or not having this sweet treat even in this weather? It’s a tough one. Feel like life can’t get harder anymore? Health or food? Well, food keeps us healthy. So definitely food.


Burning hot coffee

Hot coffees are always there to help you warm up and feel good. But die hard foodies, not known for their patience, are likely to burn their faces on their opening gulps. Poor choices will be all around you on coffee tables this season. But you love it, don’t you?

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