First of all, let’s just accept the fact that we Pakistanis are not going to get used to the first heat wave of the season every time it hits right after the winter. Every year we are ready to grumble about its arrival like it’s the first time.  We might as well be ready for World War III than keeping it calm about the summer season. Reality check: who would want to smile and think positively when it’s 40 degrees outside? Instead, this is what you can do to stay cool.

The Basic Summer Survival Toolkit

Everyone already knows about staying hydrated, wearing comfortable, light clothes and regularly showering; which actually lasts only until you are out of the shower. TIP:  (add peppermint essential oil to your bath water to keep yourself fresh for longer).

Focus On The Good

Next comes thinking about what goodness summer brings, and there is a list of those summer perks. The first on our list is… Yes! you have guessed it right: Mangoes! Fruit that unites our nation and makes us foodies happy and without good scorching heat there won’t be any sweet and ripe mangoes. Let’s just breathe calmly and focus on the mangoes.

Another Reason to Eat

Although foodies don’t need a reason to eat, but yes, summer comes as an indication that there will be more of special summer treats to enjoy. Kulfi, gola, slush, gelatos, ice cakes, cold coffee, ice cream milk shakes and the list goes on. You can also head down to the Chefling Tales cook and get tons of fun and quick recipes of margaritas and sweet treats.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

When the heat is getting on your nerves and you have to cook particularly in the load shedding hours, try placing ice cube bags on the head or the nape of your neck and you will feel much better. In fact, forget the kitchen and simply order some food.

Hoard some food  

Store some icy drinks as nothing cools you off better than some fruity, slushy drink, refrigerate the leftovers and reuse it the next day. Try to stay indoors during the day and if you need to go out, keep ‘the summer toolkit’ in mind, carry an umbrella, a sun screen lotion and don’t forget a snack.

Let It All Out

Still not feeling good? Here is what you can do, ‘Let it out’, grieve about the heat with your friends and family, complain, blame, laugh and of course eat your way through the heat.  This is the beauty of issues in Pakistan; we might not be able to sort them out, but we are witty enough to bring humor to such serious occasions.

What is your way to keep the mind away from the heat? As they say, the more you think, the more you feel.

Keep calm and eat aam!

Ramsha Rehan

Writer, Passionate Reader, Analyzer and dreamer. Loves food and travelling. Looking for an escape.