On the Sunday afternoon as I was having brunch with my family, we received some sweet egg delights from the neighbors who happen to be Christians and were celebrating Easter. Easter is celebrated in remembrance of the time of resurrection of the Christ. I have heard a lot about traditions of delivering of Easter eggs by a mythical hopping bunny to different eggs festivals. Something that always leave me wondering is what does the egg symbolizes and what does it got to do with a bunny? And this is what I found out; both eggs and the bunny simply symbolize rebirth and fertility.

The Real Use of Eggs

The one tradition that will bring all the foodies to excitement as it excited me is the egg tradition that happens in Bessières, France. The biggest omelette is prepared every year on Easter since the 19th century. It was first when Napoleon and his army were travelling through France and they stopped in a small town where they were served omelettes. Napoleon liked the omelette so much than he asked the townspeople to gather around the next day bringing an egg from their home and making a huge omelette for his army. Which is why every year in the same small town of France the Easter is celebrated with the right use of eggs and the biggest omelette is prepared. The 10 ft. omelette consists of about 15000 eggs and serves about 1000 people in the town’s main square.

The special Easter Sunday Lunch

The traditional supper lunch is what brings the whole family together and thus the question remains what on every foodies mind: what’s being served?  The lunch mainly consists of meat from lamb or turkey, Hot cross buns are eaten by the people of England on Good Friday and are made from yeast dough and filled with black currants and raisins. They were eaten all year around in pagan in the pre Christian era. The bun is said to represent the moon and the cross represents the cross on which the Jesus was crucified.Pancakes, pretzels, Easter cakes filled with oranges and almonds. etc. are eaten in Russia and Italy.

Egg Games  

Egg tapping is a multipurpose game that is for both the kids and the adults to enjoy. It begins by dying the hard boiled eggs and then egg fight where the teams hit each other with hard boiled eggs. Then there is hiding the chocolate eggs around the house or the lawn and ask the children to go egg hunting. Other games include egg knocking, egg boxing, egg picking, egg rolling. Egg dancing and egg what not.

Ramsha Rehan

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