Home Delivery Options In Islamabad for a Yummy PSL Final

By Amina Mazhar

For Islamabad United, their victory in the semifinals was a stupendous one. Quite surprising for PSL fans, because the team didn’t really have a good start in the tournament. But boy, did they make a comeback in that last match! The cricket fanatics in Islamabad have been following the PSL with great anticipation. Incidentally, the city also has a number of Quetta Gladiators fans as well. Now, who can  get up and go away from that TV screen even for a second to cook while a nail biting PSL final is on? But then you can’t even dream of watching the final without any food.  Well, you don’t have worry about that, let the wonder of food delivery services take care of your food fixes for the match. 


It’s not just a food item, it’s a way of life (Ok, I might have exaggerated there a bit). Seriously though, Pizza is probably the most mess free fast food there is, and that is precisely what makes it so awesome for a PSL final! At Least, cleaning out the dishes later won’t be something you’d have to worry about, you can direct all your worrying powers towards your favourite team’s fate. It’s also an awesome option if you’re having friends over.

PizzaImage Courtesy: Pizza Originale

There are a number of awesome pizza joints in Islamabad. Whether you want extra toppings or you prefer a thinner crust. Your pizza needs are catered to just fine. Here are a few recommended pizzerias:

  • 14th Street Pizza Co.
  • Pizza Originale
  • Pappasallis
  • Capital Delights
  • The New Yorker Pizza
  • La Vera
  • The Pizza Guys
  • Pizzila

Desi Cuisine

Of Course, nothing can beat the awesomeness of having desi food to go with a PSL final! BBQ, Paratha Rolls, Papri Chaat, Biryani or maybe some steaming hot Kababs with Chicken Karahi.

TapasImage Courtesy: Tapas

The flavours of the Pakistani cuisine complement the variety of emotions experienced during a PSL match. You obviously don’t have the time to cook up a proper Pakistani meal for the final, that’s okay because a number of food joints deliver delicious Pakistani cuisine to your doorstep, neatly packed and ready to serve.

Here are our top picks:

  • Hot n Chilli Resturant
  • Sarang (The best Sindhi Biryani in Islamabad)
  • Tapas
  • Desi Tarka
  • Haleem Ghar
  • Lasania Resturant
  • Bar B Q tonight

International Cuisine

Now here’s why the Islamabad-ites should feel lucky that they are watching the match final in the capital. No doubt, we have the best variety of international cuisine here.

Wang FuImage Courtesy: Wang Fu

From authentic Labanese, Chinese, Japanese to Mongolian and Thai Cuisine. If you’re tired of having the conventional food for the PSL matches. You can mix up the menu a little with some international flavours. Here are a few restaurants that offer authentic cuisine from various parts of the globe:

  • La Terraza (Italian)
  • Murasaki (Japanese)
  • Kublai’s Kitchen (Mongolian)
  • Cafe Day Dreams (Chinese, Thai and Italian)
  • Wang Fu (Chinese)
  • Jabal Lebnan (Labanese)
  • Taco El Paso (Mexican)

Almost all the above mentioned food joints have their own delivery services or you can order from them through food delivery apps and websites.  We hope the PSL final turns out to be awesome. May the best team win, and may the foodies in Islamabad have some memorable cricket and food moments tonight!!

Amina Mazhar

Ever since I was a kid, eating has been a hobby. Once I grew up, I started stepping into the kitchen more often. Although I love to cook everything but baking is something I am very passionate about. Its my therapy and it definitely takes me to my happy place. Ofcourse, this hobby of mine also caters to my hyper sweet tooth as well, which is an added bonus. Because baking is something that I have learnt from my mother so it has a very emotional value for me. Since times immemorial I have seen my mom experiment with baking in the kitchen, I like to believe she has passed that skill on to me as well (I know i can never surpass her awesomeness).