5 Places in Karachi That Serves The Best BBQ For Karachi King Fans

By Wardah jaffri

Contrary to popular belief, Karachi is not only an extremely diverse city harboring people from a large number of religions, races, and cultures but also has the mutual love for BBQ and cricket! Karachi is undoubtedly the hub of authentic Barbecue flavors, ranging from the tender and juicy beef/mutton to sizzling and spicy charghas and salam bakras! If you have a longing for taking a trip to flavor town to give your tongue receptors a glimpse of heaven, here are top 5 best BBQ places for Karachi King!


Bundoo Khan has truly been an epitome of perfection when it comes to authentic barbecue and that EXTRA desi-ness and love incorporated into the food! KARACHI KINGS not only LOVE Bundoo Khan, but Worship the perfection in their food! From Chicken tikkas to gola kababs and malai botis with the side of chatni, salad and raita, the food will GUARANTEED to make you cry in joy!



Even though Meerut has a number of outlets in Karachi, we just can’t get enough of the incredibly mind-blowing flavors! Be it the BBQ range straight outta the grill or the kebabs straight outta seekhs, or the koyla karhai being the boss of the day, there’s literally no stopping Meerut from producing the flavor mastery!

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook


In the heart of Boat Basin’s famous food street, Waheed ke Kebabs are literally something EVERYONE in Karachi is aware of. All these schmancy numbers of kebabs from Waheed’s make the locals and the tourists go in absolute awe with the tender loving flavors! Waheed is a MUST if you have a thing for fried kebabs draped in the flavors of buttery goodness! 10/10 would NOT share my plate with anyone!



As the name suggests, BBQ tonight is probably the best place to hold big dawats and meetups where your main hero dish of the day would be a BBQ item, but you also would want to add a bit of variety for the guests! BBQ Tonight not only serves one of Karachi’s best BBQs, but also serves authentic Asian, Chinese, Italian cuisines to make your day bliss!

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Kolachi truly deserves a mention in the top 5! From the beautiful setup of the restaurant to the food and services, everything about Kolachi is ON POINT! If you live in Karachi and haven’t eaten at Kolachi, DO YOU EVEN LIVE IN KARACHI, BRO?

The list might have come to an end, But Karachi King’s love for BBQ and cricket will NEVER cease to exist! If we’ve missed out any place that serves bombass BBQ in Karachi,


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