5 Things To Do Before a PSL Match

By Hamza Nasir

Watching a PSL match need full concentration and focus, which we all can relate to. For me watching a PSL match is more like being a couch potato and literally doing nothing ( this is also my personal mantra). But this lifestyle can not be achieved without finishing some pending tasks before a PSL match. Here I am listing 5 things to do before a PSL match. Let us know if you can relate to these.

1. Make the ladies watch all the drama episodes!

If we talk about the Pakistani ladies they can’t get enough of their suspensive HumTV dramas (many more channels but Hum TV specific considering the story of my house). They are likely to watch an episode 4 -5 times before they air the new episode so make sure they watch all the episodes before a PSL match! This way you can ensure you can watch the matches in peace!

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2. Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of those distractions that a cricket foodie can’t afford during these nerve breaking matches. Clearly, make a list of all the atta, daal, and chutney and bring it to home before the damn match. You don’t want your mom calling or asking you to bring andae double roti during the match!

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3. Cricket and Food

If you are planning to do nothing but just eat during the match you need to make sure there is a constant supply of your favorite snacks while watching the PSL match. There are certain tactics to achieve that like in my case threatening my little sister to bring the snacks!

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4 .Non- Stop availability of TV and Wifi

For a cricket foodie, a non-stop availability of both the TV and Wifi is essential. Why? Because you need to constantly watch the match on TV and also upload your status or tweets for a ball to ball commentary!

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5. To locate a local venue and enjoy the enthusiasm

The true joy of watching a cricket match cannot be completely achieved at home so you must go out to places, where the match is screening with some spicy food. If you go out to watch a match with other people the aura is totally different, and the enthusiasm is up to the next level. Not to mention the mourning time, after the team that everyone supports loses!

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So these are few of the things we have to do before PSL. We wish all the teams best of luck for the matches!

Part time foodie and an engineer to be!