Butt O Mash- Comfort Food for the Quetta Gladiators Final

By Noman Rahim

I remember the T20 World Cup that took place in England back in 2009. Pakistan had made it to the finals and me and my friends had been planning to watch team Pakistan and Sri Lanka go head to head to win that trophy.
All preparations for the finals were done.We were to head out to the outskirts of Quetta with our radio set. light a campfire and make some yummy Khaddi Kebab. But fate struck and I got sick with Malaria just prior to the final.  I was looking forward to those Khaddi Kebabs and a night out with my friends.

90143_pakistanliftcupCredits: Cricket-freaks.com

Anyways, I had no other choice but to stay in bed and watch the match in my Pyjamas, recovering from the Malaria that had taken away the thrill of the T20 world cup away with it. I didn’t know what I was more sad about, the fact that I was watching the final alone or that I was missing out on all the food!!

Butt O Mash

My mom had seen me brooding about the situation the entire day. As the match started however, I was hooked to the TV screen and I completely forgot about my craving for Khaddi Kabab. That is until, a tantalizing aroma wafted into my room. I couldn’t help but smile. My mother knew exactly what I needed!! It was Butt O Mash. Yes! Strange name right? But I assure you that it is one of the most yummiest home-made foods belonging to the  Balochi Cuisine. We Balochis usually cook it with 2 types of lentils. It’s more like haleem  minus the meat. You want to know the most interesting part? It can be served either sweet or salty. I personally like it salty, that way it can be served with fried fish and naan.

That one plate of Butt O Mash had made my day. It was the perfect comfort food for my sick self and when Pakistan hoisted that T20 World Cup trophy up in the air!! Well, the day made it to one of the best memories I have to share.