Eating Lauki is known to have a very refreshing and cooling effect in summers. This particular dish is also a great natural remedy to have when you have a bad stomach.

If you are wondering what it looks like here it is..

Bottle Gourd


  • One Lauki (Gourd)
  • Milk
  • Yogurt


  • Shred Lauki into thin slices (after taking off the outer layer)
  • Add lauki  in a pan and cover it with water- a little more then the vegetable.
  • Boil it till Lauki softens and is cooked through. If extra water remains drain it very well.
  • Let the vegetable cool down.
  • Beat yogurt very thoroughly, you can add some milk as well to make sure the consistency is not thick.
  • Mix Lauki with yogurt
  • Add salt in it as required and white cumin seeds (Zeera). You can mix chopped coriander leaves as well.
  • Top it with white cumin seeds (zeera)  (after rubbing them between the palms- for the aroma)
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Madiha Hamid

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