PSL has been an interesting addition to the cricket arena for us Pakistanis. PSL is amazing in a way that even if our favorite team wins or loses at least a Pakistani team wins every time a match is played. With the PSL matches announced, we all make plans to sit together and watch the matches. We give our friends invites or plan a GT with screens placed for watching the event (yes we are a bit crazy as a nation when it comes to cricket). GT’s and inviting friends over then raises the question of what to eat…. (Yes we think from our stomachs). Snacks are really easy to serve as you don’t need to hover in the kitchen and the guests can serve up themselves. The PSL somehow makes me always think of the Super Bowl League in USA. I used to always get impressed by the gazillion recipes that were created for Super bowl and I wanted to work on the same lines to create interesting snacks and food related to PSL.

One of the first ones that I wanted to share was about Hunter beef. Well it’s pretty easy to make, and can be served with a dip, in pulled beef burger, sandwiches, with sautéed veggies in short you can serve it in a number of ways. It’s easier to make in winter as it needs a lot of marination time and the beef stays fresh in the fridge during marination.served hot or cold this is very flavourful. The best hunter beef meat comes from the rump and it should have a bit of fat around.


  • Beef - 3kgs
  • Salt - 2 tsp
  • Black pepper - 2tsp
  • Red pepper - 2 tsp
  • Lemon juice ½ cup
  • Jaggery - 3tbsp
  • Vinegar - ¼ cup
  • Saltpetre-  ½ tsp optional
  • Preparation time : 4 Days
  • Cooking time : 60 Minutes
  • Number of servings (yield) : 8 Individuals


  1. Wash the beef thoroughly and let it air dry. Mix the spices with lemon and vinegar and coat the beef piece in them.
  2. BE careful to use a plastic or glass bowl if using salt petre as it can cause a reaction with the metal.
  3. Marinate the beef in a big bowl and using a big fork or knife prick the beef piece from all sides.
  4. Keep changing the beef side to side 3-4 times a day and prick it to so the juices get absorbed in the beef.
  5. The spices can be a tricky part when it comes to marinating beef. Before actually cooking the whole piece I cut out a small thin piece and fried and tasted it to adjust the level of salt and spices.
  6. Adjust the spices and leave for an hour in the marination. Take out the whole piece and put on the stove with low flame with all its juice and a bit of water in a large utensil. Keep it covered and keep checking if uncooked ad a bit of water.
  7. If you are short on time a pressure cooker can be used with a 3 cups of water added to the gravy of beef and cooking it with pressure intervals of 15 mins checking in between.
  8. After the beef has been cooked from inside, cut thin slices of beef and keep them aside.
  9. Using the leftover gravy and a bit of olive oil fry the beef pieces and brown them on both sides.
  10. Enjoy with veggies or mashed potatoes.

I am a stay at home mom and in the future want have my own cafe or restaurant. I am a Punjabi and Kashmiri so when it comes to being a food lover it runs in my blood. My mother is an amazing cook and is a huge inspiration for me.