Saleem Turkey Pakoray – Sarai Saleh, Haripur

By Hammad Khan

While traveling towards the North of Pakistan when you leave Islamabad for Naran or maybe Gilgit, you go through the Karakoram Highway that leads up to China. Passing through many cities that come along Karakoram Highway, one is Haripur. Just after Haripur is a place named Sarai Saleh. Passing through the city on a rainy day, the aroma of snacks made us stop. A roadside shop of Pakoras (fritters) is here. The famous, “Saleem Turkey Pakoray” gives you the taste that’s different than other kinds of fritters.

The delicious Pakoras are offered with the Mango pickle, salad, and chutney. Pakoras, one with the onion variety and the other being the potato variety were served hot. Due to the popularity of the Pakoras; as famous as the Ilyasi Mosque Pakoras in Abbottabad, you can expect some long ques. For the price of PKR 50, one plate is enough for a person.

“Saleem Bhai Turkey Pakoray walay” got his fame all because of these little drops of heaven called pakoray by the foodies who love it with Chai (tea) and maybe they don’t need any occasion to celebrate the taste of it. This roadside shop has one more interesting thing: when you feel like dining in, you’ll find quotations written on posters and walls and famous sayings from different people with the touch of desi-ness. Yeah, you need to read while waiting for your garma garam pakoray. I don’t know what’s the reason behind adding Turkey to it, maybe for the love of Turkey or just a cool name.

With the lemon on top, you can just squeeze it all over the tasty and hot pakoras or can eat it with the savory and sweet mix of pickle. The thinly sliced cabbage can serve to control the fiery taste of the chutney and gives you a soothing sensation.

The combination of everything is so perfect that all you need is to stop and spot the original shop; as you might find it hard to spot the one that’s legit and take a quick bite of the snack.

Hammad Khan

I am wanderlust, travel enthusiast and a foodie by heart. Blogging about my travel journeys is my passion. Technology fascinates me. I am a Peace seeking soul who is finicky and tries to learn from every situation.