A Meaty Trip to Peshawar – Chefling Tour

By Madiha Hamid

On a random Saturday evening, we decided to drive to Peshawar for the sole purpose of eating scrumptious meat! And when we say meat, we really mean indulging in the real flavor of good meat with nothing but a few spices. Something that a steak can’t offer. If you live in Islamabad and want to eat good meat dishes, you have to head down to Peshawar. It’s as simple as that. Why Peshawar? Because no one knows meat better than the Pakhtuns (and the Balochis, of course). Now, going to Quetta is a far-fetched proposition for a weekend plan. So we decided to strap on our seat belts and head straight to the motorway towards Peshawar.

Now if you speak to a true foodie, you will be told that the Takht Bai is the place to be for chapli kababs; that Charsi Tikka is the best place for mutton tikkas; and that Mardan is where you’ll find the best namkeen gosht. This and many more places. And we agree, the flavors of these places are undeniably amazing and so is the experience. But what if you have a toddler and just an evening to spare? This is why we headed the next best place to fulfill our cravings — The Pearl Continental Peshawar’s rooftop buffet dinner. Not to mention that my other half has been pestering me to go with him on this tour for SO LONG.

I love the Rawalpindi-Peshawar stretch of the motorway! It is beautiful, with views of the river, plains and mountains. A completely different flavor from when you head towards Lahore. Baby Z loves road trips and we enjoyed the two-hour drive.

We reached PC Peshawar and were warmly welcomed to the buffet section. It seemed a bit quiet to begin with but the place soon filled up as we got to the second serving. We could see a lot of locals eating here. We were happy to see the thumbs up from the locals there.

We really meant meat business so we headed straight to the live cooking section. (I wish I could capture the excitement on our faces) Happy and passionate chefs were on the other side really proud of what they were serving. We got EVERYTHING on our plates on our first go to ensure we taste everything that PC Peshawar had to offer.

The ambiance is simple and traditional. Nothing like indulging in Peshawari meat while sitting on charpais. It’s a treat to be here on a cold winter night!

The most exciting dish was definitely the dum pukht. It’s a slow cooked meat, cooked just in meat fat, along with potatoes.  Do you see that boti? The chef picked the best one for me!


Another highlight of the night was patta tikka. The patta tikka is Kaliji wrapped in charbi ( fat) and grilled to perfection!


You get to see all sorts of meat in different treatments; like mutton tikka, seekh kabab, namkeen chicken, katta kut and so on.


Our plates (we were so proud of them!)img_1639
The buffet has a lot to offer and there’s something for every kind of meat lover! It even has veggies and non-Pakistani dishes, in case you are not as crazy about meat as we are.

When you taste chapli kababs, you will realize what we have been eating in Punjab is anything but the real thing. They were soft and fried to perfection. I even got the secret recipe from the chef! 😀 I know it won’t taste the same when I make it though. Having tasted Takht Bai’s famous chapli kabab, these were pretty amazing, I have to say!

However, since we were not looking for something non-Peshawari, we stuck to the traditional menu. We couldn’t resist picking up this veal karahi. It’s not mutton or chicken, it’s VEAL karahi — and is now on my list of recipes to try at home!


This was a late discovery but something I am glad we tasted: Peshwari yakhni. It’s a murgh yakhni (chicken broth) — a clear soup  cooked so well that it will leave you fresh and happy!

img_1643I knew our only bet to digest all this meat was to drink Peshawari qehwa.

Hope you enjoyed this foodie tale. Let us know what you thought in the comment below!

Madiha Hamid

Chefling-in-Chief Founder Chefling Tales. A foodie that loves to travel and explore different flavors of Pakistan and the world. She loves to cook recipes that are different , yet simple. She wants people to know and understand the beauty of Pakistani Regional Cuisines @madihamid