9 Comfort Foods for Broken Hearts

By Hamza Nasir

After a hard day, we automatically start looking forward to dinner. We

Meat Recipes

Mutton Paye: The Quick Heavy Fix

By Mariam Khan

Mutton paye is a traditional Pakistani recipe that is hearty and healthy.

Lentil Recipes

Daal Pakhtouni – Staple dish With Nostalgic Feelings

By Fatima Ali

Are you one of those people who loves eating Kalay Masar (lentils)

Hyderabadi Cuisine

Hyderabadi Thali: Mirchi Ka Salan

By Mariam Khan

Keeping with the Hyderabadi theme, I present to you the recipe of

Hyderabadi Cuisine

Hyderabadi Thali: Bhigaray Baingan

By Mariam Khan

Hyderabadi Thali has a kaleidoscope of flavors which vary from region to

Sindhi Recipes

4 Recipes That Celebrate Sindhi Cuisine

By Amina Gul

This week Pakistan celebrates one of it’s most diverse, culture-rich regions — Sindh. To

Rice Recipes

4 Rice Dishes To Try This Friday

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I've compiled a list of some rice dishes for you to try

How to Make Perfect Gol Roti in the ...

By Fatima Ali

Life in the kitchen would be incomplete without the ‘chakla’ and ‘bailan’. The

Chicken Recipes

Sandwich Cake: A Layered, Savory Snack For Tea ...

By Mariam Khan

I once had the chance to eat the famous layered sandwich cake from