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Meat Recipes

Shepherd Pie: Snack Perfect For Winters

By Mariam Khan

During the dull and chilly winter days, you definitely want something to

Soup Recipes

The 6 Winter Soups You Need to Survive ...

By Duaa Asif

Life after dark in winters is so dull; all you want to

Cakes Recipes

5 Carrot Recipes To Prepare This Season

By Hamza Nasir

In winters, we all are so dull minded that all we do

Chicken Recipes

Singaporean Rice: Steps to Perfection

By Fatima Ali

Singaporean rice is a dish that is famous in Karachi. Interestingly, the

Meat Recipes

Baked Mutton Seekh Kebabs: A Twist To The ...

By Fatima Ali

Kebabs are traditionally rich and originate from a number of different combinations.

Rice Recipes

Moti Pulao: A Historical Recipe

By Neel Kanwal

This recipe comes from my mother in law I learned cooking it

Turkish Recipes

Turkish Eggplant and Ground Beef Casserole – KARNIYARIK

By Fatima Ali

Living abroad we can enjoy various cultures that are inherently different from

Meat Recipes

Mutton Paye: The Quick Heavy Fix

By Mariam Khan

Mutton paye is a traditional Pakistani recipe that is hearty and healthy.

Hyderabadi Cuisine

Kachche Gosht ke dam Biryani  

By Fatima Ali

Mutton Biryani is one to the signature dishes from Hyderabad’s royal kitchens.

Lentil Recipes

Daal Pakhtouni – Staple dish With Nostalgic Feelings

By Fatima Ali

Are you one of those people who loves eating Kalay Masar (lentils)

Chinese recipes

Nacho Supreme: Recipe Fit For a Cricket Match!

By Mariam Khan

PSL is in full swing as we are coming closer to the

Rice Recipes

4 Rice Dishes To Try This Friday

By Amina Gul

I've compiled a list of some rice dishes for you to try

Dessert Recipes

Fruit and Cream Bisconni: The Steps To Sweetness

By Mariam Khan

Love for desserts can make a man go to lengths one cannot even

Pasta Recipes

Yogurt Pasta: The Perfect Comfort Food

By Mariam Khan

The advent of autumn (and eventually winter) brings with it our collective craving for comfort

How to Make Perfect Gol Roti in the ...

By Fatima Ali

Life in the kitchen would be incomplete without the ‘chakla’ and ‘bailan’. The

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