How do you turn a boring meal into something exciting? Well, you can add spices, you can add different flavors, or just serve your meal with a Pepsi!


On October 14, Pepsi invited us to a special night of fine dining and a  meet-up with bloggers and none other than the extravagant Syra Shehroz.


Yes, that’s right Syra Shehroz was there. And she was joined by eye candy on legs, Feroze Khan. It was nice being in the company of these two.

14612417_1785673058371366_1129053665038470228_oLook who was there!

The meet-up was, without a doubt, full of surprises; they had mouthwatering food, food challenges and more. We got to network with our fellow bloggers and chat with Syra and Feroze. And did we mention there was fine dining and amazing food served with chilled Pepsi?


Here, we were also given an exclusive sneak peak of the new Pepsi television commercial (TVC) featuring our favorite heartthrob Fawad Khan, who was accompanied by the beautiful Syra Shehroz and the lovely Shahzad Noor.

14753466_1785668881705117_2578256160289083241_o#MealsTurnExciting with Pepsi

What was the TVC like? Well, you’d better grab a burger or pizza and a Pepsi before you watch it, cause it’s sure to take those cravings of yours to new heights! The overall theme, idea and lively faces in the TVC brought a huge amount of excitement among the audience. You can now watch the star-studded Pepsi TVC, here.

To sum it up, when boredom is at it’s peak, Fawad, Syra and Shahzad can bring excitement back into your world. Just that #MealsTurnExciting with a Pepsi!

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and a story teller!