Cucumber Raita: A Green and White Patriotic Treat

By Scheherazade Khattak

Freedom in any of it’s forms is a fundamental right to be enjoyed

Mango Coconut Smoothie: Jewel of the Summertime

By Scheherazade Khattak

Aam so khaas! The most special fruit of the summer also makes

Mother’s Day Breakfast: Don’t be a lazy bum, ...

By Scheherazade Khattak

Ah, mothers! Don’t we all just love taking them for granted? That is, of course, till adult

Salad Recipes

Ruby Salad-The Royalty of Salads

By Scheherazade Khattak

It is a proven fact that purple fruits and vegetables are powerhouses

Seafood Recipes

Laksa- A Combination of Chinese and Malay Cuisine

By Scheherazade Khattak

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup, which is native to peninsular Malaysia and

Chicken Recipes

Nonya Chicken Curry-Perankan Cuisine

By Scheherazade Khattak

We in the Indian subcontinent are all too familiar with what the

A Feast Fit for the Holiday Season!

By Scheherazade Khattak

It’s foodies favorite time of the year, the holiday season! First Thanksgiving

Singapore’s Mooncake Festival: Filled with Tradition

By Scheherazade Khattak

It’s autumn already in the rest of the world. We are late

Fish Recipes

Pan Fried Salmon- Get your Fish portion for ...

By Scheherazade Khattak

Salmon as I have written earlier is one of my favourite fish. The