Don’t give up eating what you like, but calculate it.

It’s not always about saying goodbye to your love for food, but slowly lowering and calculating it’s intake. The injustice a Pakistani soul does to itself by going over on a crash diet, without knowing the body needs and calories required, above all leaving all traditional Asian food and following west. Not all calories are the same, it depends on your lifestyle, so go slow and steady.  Make it a habit to calculate your required calorie intake, and accordingly plan your portions.

For those having a margin of 1300 to 1500 calorie intake, follow this article and note that it is not required to follow this plan everyday, you can change it accordingly on alternate days.

First of all, utilize all your calorie margin, but divide the portions into 5 times a day, so you eat small every time to keep the metabolism working, but not overburdening it or starving it.

1. Breakfast 

Oats meet banana.

I am using wheat oats, a whole pack of 125 grams net, with 329 calories per 100 gram. Take 45 grams, having almost 150 calories, pour it in two to three glasses of boiling water, and mix it till it thickens, then pour it out in a dish, topped with sliced medium bananas (105 calories, 118 g), take a cup of milk (103 calories, 244 g) or a boiled egg (78 calories, 50 g). It will take a total of 358 calories maximum, depending upon the combination with milk or boiled egg, where almonds are just a choice, not including it would be a better choice too, to have calories as few as 358 calories are excluding almonds.

Remember if you are a morning workout, then always try to have a kickstart breakfast.

2. Snack

An apple a day.

Try to take a snack after 3 to 3.5 hours after breakfast, remember our motto is to eat less, but don’t starve. Take a medium apple (95 calories, 182 g), to let your metabolism work happily.

3. Lunch, Desi clean eating.

Now after 2.5 to 3 hours, it’s your time to get some lunch, a salad is great, but really, you don’t need to hate your diet by forcing your taste buds to switch towards bland dishes.

I have for you an oil-free, boneless chicken tikka, marinated in yogurt and mint, it is cooked until the paste dries, and is given a coal steam for up to 5 minutes. It contains a total of 200 calories, and is served with a portion of salad, that is for up to 50 calories and plain mint chutney of 25 calories. You can combine it with a bowl of white or vegetable rice, which contains up to 200 calories, and it will make a total of 475 calories.

4. Snack – 2

Green tea meets almonds

You can alter your snack according to your choice, but keep it light within range. One mug of green tea without sugar is 2 calories, and as one almond contains 7 calories, so 10 almonds will make a total of 70 calories, making it a total of maximum 75 calories.

5. Dinner

Soup meets protein

It’s very important to remember the rule that is “don’t skip dinner”, however, you can keep it light. Now this soup is very appetite filling, but less in calories: a medium carrot (25 calories, 61 g), cabbage 2 cup chopped (44 calories, 178 g), a small onion (28 calories, 70 g), a medium cucumber peeled (25 calories, 201 g), and a green capsicum (40 calories, 100 g). Boil all of these vegetables for almost 10 minutes and enjoy a large bowl of 162 worth calories. You can add 2 ounces of boneless and skinless chicken thigh pieces, which adds 116 calories, with chutney, it adds 25 calories more. All of this combined will make a total of 303 calories.

(Breakfast 358+ snack 95+ lunch 475+ snack 75 calories + dinner 303

=1306), which gives you exactly 94 more calories to eat. 

NOTE: You can change your snacks by keeping your calorie portion calculated, and can alter your lunch by excluding rice and taking a better snack like the milkshake.

  • Drink a lot of water, at least 8 – 10 glasses every day.
  • Exercise for 15 – 20 minutes daily.

Hopefully, today’s blog will provide you with an idea of utilizing your calorie range in a better manner. Do let us know your opinions and queries.

Maria Sherazi

"A girl of 21, balancing life through food therapy, 5 feet 6-inch live calorie calculator who believes healthy is classic and knows the economics of meeting maximum desires of food with a limited budget."