Eid ul Azha is just round the corner and so is the arrival of loads and loads of meat that is ready to make it’s place inside refrigerators. While Eid ul Fitr (or ‘choti Eid’) is all about satisfying the sweet tooth, ‘Bari Eid’ comes with the holy act of sacrificing a domesticated animal in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim’s (A.S) willingness to sacrifice his own son.

Eid Day begins with men performing Eid prayers in the mosque and then going on a hunt to find the right qasai (butcher) for the slaughtering of their animal/s. After getting done with the hectic process of qurbaani (sacrifice) and distributing the meat, many families and groups decide to gather together for a BBQ in some open air place. They’re looking for a good scenic spot where the whole family can have a good time.

Eid celebrations reach their zenith in Lahore due to the sheer love Lahoris posses for tikkay, kabaab, malaayi boti and all things meat-related. Here are the three best places in Lahore where you can go for a BBQ this Eid ul Azha.

Model Town Park

Located right beside the circular road of Model Town, this park has been declared as one of the best in Lahore due to it’s lush green lawns, mesmerizing flower beds, activities for children and an artificial lake with boating facilities. A large number of people visit this park every day for get togethers and exercise. The park is an excellent place for BBQ as it is away from residential areas and has a very calm and quiet atmosphere. Moreover, the park has its own security which means your kids can freely play around the park. This is the perfect venue for a grand lunch or dinner, and yes you can eat your food near the lake for a great view of the sunset.

modeltownpark2Source: Locally Lahore

Safari Park

Also known as the Woodland Wildlife Park, Lahore’s Safari Park is located on Raiwind Road. This wildlife park caters to the needs of all wildlife lovers, and you will find a wide variety of birds and animals here. The park has an aviary along with a giant animal cage with lions wandering inside. You can definitely plan a BBQ here while your kids enjoy the rides and amusements. There are great views here, so do visit Safari Park this Eid with your loved ones.

dsc_8701-kkk_0Source: fwf.punjab

Jallo Park

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve always loved spending time at Jallo Park due to the variety of fun-filled activities it offers. Apart from being a wildlife park, it also has a restaurant, a coffee shop, a swimming pool, a sports complex, a theme park and a huge lake for fishing and boating. The park is probably the best place for bringing your group to enjoy a BBQ outdoors this Eid.

jallo-park-2Source: emap

We hope you enjoy your Eid BBQ at any of these 3 places. And let us know what you thought of them in the comments below. Have a blessed (and meaty) Eid!

Aman Iman

Aman Inam, an aspiring journalist in the making, loves cricket and tweets as @lalaloyalist. Loves trying new things and runs a blog Amanhai.com