Whether it’s a special occasion or just a casual get together, Kheer or halwa is a must at my place. I grew up loving the fact that my desi food choices have been enhanced rather than my love for burger and steak, being a resident of Islamabad. So, if it’s spicy it must be hot barbeque and if it’s sweet then, it must be heavenly kheer (rice pudding) or sweet halwa (pudding). I believe we all are true desi people and we need to indulge in this mouth-watering kheer to deal with all the negativity and despair.

Here we are sharing 3 of the best spots for this exquisite treat:

1. Jamil Sweets

If you’re craving something sweet and special, Jamil sweets is a must go-to place for all you foodies. With a wide range of sweets including garma garam Gulab Jaman, faluda, gajjar ka halwa, and ras malai, the eatery serves one of the finest kheer in town. Situated near D. Watson, Blue Area, the shop has the specialty to complete your experience by offering the best desi desserts in Islamabad.

 2. Dilli Darwaza

Apart from offering one of the best niharis (stew) in town, Dilli Darwaza has the aura to satisfy your sweet tooth by offering one of the best kheers in Islamabad, making your experience perfect and unique. Speaking of kheer, the taste of this heavenly dessert is on point and the dry fruits served within the kheer must be the best thing about Dilli Darwaza’s kheer.

3. Tandoori Restaurant

The meal is incomplete without a dessert to change the taste of the mouth. “Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye” is our personal mantra. Kheer lovers would shoot for kheer even if they are not hungry after a delicious meal at the Tandoori restaurant. Not only is the taste on point but the exquisite presentation in mud utensils has the aura to ignite your carving and excitement up to the next level.

Think we’ve missed a great Islamabad’s kheer? Use the comments box below.

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