The city of Lahore has been living up to its tradition of being the central hub for food lovers across the country! With a new food outlet or a coffee shop opening up every day around the corner, Lahore has had a total change of shift from being known as the city of gardens to the city of foodies. Lahoris in particular with their finest taste for food have been the major reason for this city-wide phenomenon for the rising trend of cafeterias and coffee shops opening up on a massive scale. The social media and the digital world has played an utmost role in bringing the finest of brands and outlets to this city enhancing its beauty to becoming top-notch across the country. These brands and coffee shops have been adding a whole new level of glamor to the nightlife of Lahore that the Lahoris are growing so much fond of.

1. Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jean’s Coffee Shop, which has numerous outlets in Lahore, being one of the best and one of the oldest coffee shops has been the center of attraction to the majority of the coffee lovers across the city! You can enjoy one of the finest coffee with numerous different flavors being offered.


2. Second Cup

Second Cup in Z block DHA and Emporium mall is one of the newly launched coffee shops across the city and has become a major attraction for coffee lovers, who wish to spend a nice time sipping their coffee and enjoying a massive variety of different coffees and feed their taste buds.


3. Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet in Johar town and DHA, is another coffee shop that is catching the attraction of the coffee lovers like wildfire! Coffee Planet is gaining quite a reputation in the coffee world as a cafe totally dedicated to bringing the best of coffee in town with some great snack items. Our favorite is the mushroom chicken sandwich!


4. Coffee Tea & Company

Coffee Tea & Company on M M Alam road near Hussain Chowk has been the oldest and the most widely known coffee shop brand all across Lahore and has been the most premium coffee brand outlet up to date. More commonly known as CTC, this coffee shop brings out the best of Lahore’s coffee world and is associated as the best coffee places in Lahore.


5. Caffe Mocca

Caffe Mocca in Gulberg Galleria or Emporium Mall has been another premium coffee shop that is catching up to the trend of coffee this city is currently offering and is adding a whole new level of competition in the coffee world of Lahore.

With numerous varieties of coffees to offer on the table and keeping in mind the taste buds of Lahori people, Caffe Mocca is one dedicated place to surely visit to experience a coffee that touches the soul.


So here we are folks, our five favorite coffees in Lahore. Keep yourself warm these days and let us know which place serves the best coffee in Lahore.

Aman Iman

Aman Inam, an aspiring journalist in the making, loves cricket and tweets as @lalaloyalist. Loves trying new things and runs a blog