A panini is not merely a ‘special’ grilled sandwich, but a blessing from God to all foodies. I mean, how can anyone not enjoy a panini? Hard to believe I once told my sister that I wasn’t a fan of paninis because of a poor experience I had had. I still regret saying that. Just like Joey from Friends loves pizzas and sandwiches, foodies like me love paninis.

And if you’re like me and living in Islamabad, have I got news for you: some of the most amazing paninis to be found anywhere are all here in our quiet little capital. Allow me to introduce you to them:

1. Mocca Coffee

Mocca coffee serves the chicken grilled cheese panini, that has sun dried tomatoes and are served along with spiced up wedges. It has a dash of sweetness that excites your taste buds with more elements to experience at once.  What we love is the mustard sauce served with it.

 source: Mocca Coffee Facebook

 2. Tehzeeb Bakers

Have you ever tried Tehzeeb’s panini? My goodness, that panini. If you have not, you’re missing out. Their Grilled Chicken Cheese Panini is to die for. This heavenly sandwich is very economical and every penny spent on it is totally worth it. It takes me a mere minute to eat that whole big box of paninis. For real.

1_tehzeeb-paniniSource: Tehzeeb Bakers Facebook page

Address: Jinnah Avenue, Blue area, Islamabad.

3. Doka Mocca

I believe that God was extra nice to Sector G-8 for blessing them with Doka Mocca, a place famous for it’s paninis. They now spread their joy to all parts of Islamabad. I remember I tried their panini for the first time two years ago during a trip. When I have them today, they retain the same great taste and quality as back then.

3_doka-moccaSource: Doka Mocca Facebook page

Address: Sector G-8, Markaz Road, Islamabad.

4. Juicy Gossip

If you reside in Islamabad, then you won’t be surprised to hear that Juicy Gossip has the best panini in town. It could be because EVERYTHING available at Juicy Gossip is delicious. This has to be one of the yummiest, most dripping with cheese and goodness panini out there right now. F-11 Markaz has always been like a second home to me, and I’m glad this place is here.

4_juicy-gossipSource: Juicy Gossip Facebook page

Address: F-11 Markaz, Mehr Ali Road, Islamabad.

5. The Warehouse

I personally love The Warehouse. Everything about this place is soothing; from it’s ambiance to it’s comfortable setting. And the cherry on top is that this place serves amazing panini. Oh yes. Their Beef Tosti Panini is a unique, delicious item that’s easily one of the best on their menu. Trust me, it makes you forget your problems. The only problem you will be left with is what to do with your life when this plate full of joy is finished. A good problem to have, I’d say.


Source: The Warehouse Facebook page

Address: Shop  3 (next to Meat One), Block 13, Jinnah Super, Sector F-7, Bhittai Road, Islamabad.

So these were my personal favorite panini spots in the capital. Agree with the list? Where do you go for your panini fix? Let us know in the comments below!