Olives date back to the first millennium when Romans, Arabs and Spanish developed a unique love for it in their food. Since then, they have become quite an essential part of our diets. Olives always make a delicious appetizer or snack and many recipes are close to incomplete without them e.g. pizzas, risottos and salads. In many places of the world, they are even considered a symbol of peace, wisdom and progress. And I think that it should be considered a symbol of deliciousness too because, obviously, nothing tastes better than olives. Let’s take a look at some beneficial and healthy facts of eating olives:

1. They’re rich in vitamin E, which helps prevent damage to your from free radicals.

2. Olives have special phytochemicals that fight cancer in your body.

3. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. The massively used olive oil protects your body from stomach ulcers.

5. Eating olives helps in boosting up your iron intake as it contains a sufficient amount of iron.

6. They can work pretty well in killing or reducing any pain because they have anti-inflammatory properties, same as those of ibuprofen.

But in order to properly make use of these benefits, always make sure that the olives you buy are completely organic. We are  sure that from now on wards, it’s going to become a permanent member of your kitchen shelf.