There are plenty of options in the city of Abbottabad where you can find good quality sweets. But when it comes to cakes, the choices are few. For different varieties of cakes and places where you can order, customized cakes are limited. We are hunting down some of the best places to get perfectly devourable cakes in the city. Eid is near, pick out the best of these spots and pre-order your Eid cakes.

1. Coffity

Coffity is the best place to order your choice of cakes. This place is known for desserts. Many varieties include Death by Chocolate, Coffee Mousse Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Lemon Cheese Cake, and much more. Adding the artistic touch to your ordered cake is what this café is good at. A full cake or either a slice of that, it’s your call. They make artistic ones, if you order ahead. But it’s the taste I will brag more about.

2. Food Planet

This is comparatively a new place, but yes, this is one creative stop for the cake lovers. The taste is what makes this place a great choice for the cakes. Many different varieties of cakes are available here. The ambiance is the best in Abbottabad, with an aquarium built, that soothes your eyes. You can also dine in, as well as take away.

3. Saif Bakers

This bakery has two outlets, located near each other in Jadoon Plaza, Abbottabad. Known for it’s many confectionery items, this place is also where you can get great cakes from. Some of the variety includes black forest, chocolate fudge cake, red velvet, pine apple cream cake, and many others are available. They serve great brownies too. One of the few bakeries that bake good cakes, and let you choose and order from many artistic designs.

4. Taste Planet

This fast food restaurant started their dessert section a few weeks back. But yes, the cake section has a good selection of cakes, including Death by Chocolate and chocolate fudge cakes. For your dessert appetite, you can either order ahead or dine in.

Ever tried these cakes from any of these places? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section.

Hammad Khan

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