No matter which part of the country you belong to, Pakistanis just love Biryani! It’s our favorite topic to debate on.  Whether you are complaining about the amount of elachis in your biryani or the fact that what real biryani only comes from Karachi and the rest of the country settles for pulao and call it biryani.

Some even debate on how biryani shouldn’t be too spicy but these debates never come to any conclusions and still keep on having them.

Jeremy McLellan our favorite comedian recently started a poll on Twitter saying “Let’s solve this once and for all” Biryani with potatoes or Biryani without Potatoes. But guess it’s not so easy to settle it as the poll was a tie by the end of the day.

Along with most loved debate topic, the nation is also very sensitive about biryani. PTI’s Asad Umar ReTwitted Jermy’s poll by saying this is pure dhandlee, no aloo in biryani is unacceptable to him.

Well, this is one dharna we all will take part in without any political boundaries.

Twitter was filled with hilarious tweets on the aloo or no aloo debate.

“The Muje Kiun nikala” emotional touch!

And then you reach the next debate, elachi or no elachi!

Well, when it comes to us, we would say free the biryani because aloo or no aloo, just don’t call pulao a biryani.

Ramsha Rehan

Writer, Passionate Reader, Analyzer and dreamer. Loves food and travelling. Looking for an escape.