Nothing excites me more than taking people around to showcase the Pakistani cuisine and its unique spread. I was thrilled when U.S. Embassy in Pakistan invited us to do a food tour of Islamabad with them! We were super excited and chalked out the plan to ensure that we hit the sweetest spots of Islamabad. The goal of the tour was to taste Pakistani cuisine as well as talk about some American food available in Islamabad and see how it weighs against the actual American flavors! We wanted to visit some of the best eateries in Islamabad, ranging from traditional to contemporary; upscale to street food and learning about the food tales of these places.

Our food map included treating ourselves to some vegetarian delights from Khokha Khola, some hardcore meat dishes at Des Perdes and ending the note on CGC Burger and of course the oldest sweetest place in town, the Hot Spot!

Khokha Kola was our first stop, located on the what is now an upscale place for restaurants in Beverly Center. This place has become Islamabadis’ favorite hang out on weekends and week nights. Khoka Khola is all about upscaling the dhaba experience. It has a limited yet great menu. We ordered the cheese naans (cheese flatbread), the daal chawal (rice with lentils) and the vegetarian thali (platter) to begin the tour! We had to end it at the note of typical Pakistani Tea. Our favorite part was making Nolen try out daal chawal in a traditional way with his hands! It’s quite a deal and he pulled it off really well! See the glimpse of our tour here.

Our next stop was Des Perdes, situated in the beautiful Saidpur Village. We picked the place not only for the amazing food they serve but also because the best way to experience Islamabad is to get as close as possible to the beautiful mountains!

Here we wanted to go all meaty with Mughlai Chicken and the special Namak Mandi Lamb Chops, which tasted perfect!

Nolen and Christine loved the naan bread. See what they have to say about that in the video.

To balance off the meaty notes we had the Gulab Jaman at the end of this stop. Whereas the Chicken and Lamb chops were perfection, we weren’t too moved by the Gulab Jaman.

So that is how we finished our food tour with some sweet and spicy food. We can’t wait for you people to join us on our food tours across Pakistan.

Madiha Hamid

Chefling-in-Chief Founder Chefling Tales. A foodie that loves to travel and explore different flavors of Pakistan and the world. She loves to cook recipes that are different , yet simple. She wants people to know and understand the beauty of Pakistani Regional Cuisines @madihamid