The year 2018 seems to be the year of bizarre food trends because people are eating all sorts of weird foods from around the globe. The food in 2018 is getting weirder, tastier, organic and luxurious because the world is now eating gold and glitter.

Where can you find these bizarre food trends? The list follows! 

Gold pizza, NYC

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Pizzas were already divine being topped with melted cheese and now they are garnished with gold. $2000 Pizza is covered with real edible 23 karat-gold and is said to be a luxury food trend in 2018. It took a start from New York City at the end of 2017 and now reached, California, and Australia as well.

22 scoop ice cream Sundae Bangkok

From 2 scoops to 22 scoops of ice cream, now that is bizarre. Apparently, an eatery in Bangkok has started serving a sundae that has is a heaven for strawberry lovers. It beholds strawberries, waffles, cake and 22 scoops of ice cream and more guilty pleasures.

Edible Flowers Spring Roll

Another yet bizarre food trend is spring roll that has a filling of edible flowers. The red envelope is a restaurant in Santa Ana, California that serves these totally amazing spring rolls that has crunchy veggies, grilled beef and soft mushy flowers as a filling.

Glitter coffee, India

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Edible glitters have been a trend long for now but just at the end of 2017 glitter coffee was a going on every foodie’s bucket list after a cafe ‘Coffee by Di Bella’  in India introduced glitter lattes. The glitter lattes trend then followed to Australia and UK and is now one of the craziest food trends on the web.

15 patty burger, Chicago

Huge burgers are trending all around the world, now foodies aim for more than just triple patty burger as a challenge. Which is why 2018 is the year of bizarre food when an eatery in Chicago introduced a 15 patty beef burger which is too big to be true.

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This burger is called the OOMG Burger which has 15 beef patties and cheese slices.

Which of these would you go for?

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