Craving something sweet and light? Colorful and tasty? Tutti Frutti is the place for you. Living in Islamabad, there are a lot of different options for getting ice-creams, but for frozen yogurts, there is only one place to go. Tutti Frutti opened it’s outlet in Islamabad in F-11 Markaz a few years ago. Because of it’s ideal location right next to Gloria Jeans, Second Cup and Coffee Planet, it gained popularity immediately.

Just the other day, we decided to go to this dessert place which we hadn’t visited in months. As soon as we pushed open the glass doors, I was hit with a wave of bright colors and soft music. Yes, Tutti Frutti still hadn’t lost it’s charm of attracting kids and teenagers. The place was mostly empty, which was a good thing because I was in a group of 6 people and the cafe area is not too big. There are tables placed with the wall on the left side and the counters are on the right side. The rectangular area ends with the self-service machines, which give you the frozen yogurt flavor of your choice.

There is a standard sized cup available and you can put as much froyo as you want in it. We took one empty cup each and started filling it with the flavors available. In this outlet, we had an option of Death by Chocolate, Tarro, Cotton Candy, Cheesecake, Pomegranate, Strawberry and Vanilla. For me personally, the options were a bit limited as I am more of a Green Apple and Mixed Fruit person, but I went with Cotton Candy and Tarro. All of my friends chose different flavors so we could try them all out.

After putting the desired amount of froyo in my cup, I moved to the toppings counter. Here you can select a bunch of toppings for your froyo. There is a huge variety, ranging from crushed Coconut to Cocomo’s to Pineapple pieces and Chocolate Sprinkles.

After covering the froyo with the toppings, I proceeded to the cashier. There was a weight scale here. I placed my cup on it and it displayed the weight in grams. One gram of froyo costs Rs. 1.25. My cup amounted to 335 grams, which gave a total of Rs. 418.75. This was a little surprising for me, considering that my cup was only a bit more than half full. Tutti Frutti is a little pricy if we compare it to other ice cream outlets in Islamabad. One thing to note is that because of the standard size of the cups (which are kind of large), people don’t realize how much froyo they have put in. The cup appears to be empty, even though you have added quite a bit in it.

My top flavor picks from the ones I have mentioned above were Death by Chocolate and Pomegranate. Both of them had a very unique taste.

While we were eating, the place started to fill with more and more customers, mostly consisting of kids and families. The place was getting a bit cramped, so we took our cups and went to sit on the seats arranged outside.

Tutti Frutti does not only serve frozen yogurt. For those of you looking to try some new cakes and pastries, this is a good hangout place. The unique taste is a refreshing change from the usual ice creams and desserts available in Islamabad.

"A.K. is a writer who likes to pass her time by watching the MasterChef series and low budget films. She is currently pursuing her college degree in Mass Communication. She aspires to start her own magazine and to give new upcoming writers a chance to showcase their talent."