In the middle of the city of Abbottabad, Café Route 35 is based on a traveling theme, and took it’s name from the great Karakorum Highway (N-35). Café Route 35 is in Yousaf Jamal Plaza, near Sethi Masjid, Abbottabad. If you are passing by Abbottabad and want to have some lunch or maybe a few quick bites, then this is the go-to place for you.

As you enter the place, there is a counter or reception, you can see a simple sitting area as you step up. Sitting right next to the big glass window, you can have a view of an outdoor sitting area and the garden with a wooden fence and a kitchen, where you can see the live cooking and chefs working. The indoor sitting area is decorated with travel-based photo frames, hanging to the wall. The place gives a feeling of a small diner. The outdoor area is perfect for dinner, and perhaps evening tea.

The menu offers a wide variety of cuisines, from the Far East to Middle Eastern and desi cuisines. The specialty of the place is it’s barbecue and meaty treats, such as Tikka and Raan e Sikandari (well for Raan e Sikandari, you must reserve your order at least before 3 hours). The hot tandoor (oven) in the menu offers different types of naans, including Qeema Naan. The menu also includes burgers. The one I had was Cajun Burger, served with fries and salad. The taste was good. Fries as a side order were hot and delicious. The Cajun burger has tomatoes and onions, with a chicken fillet in it, with the Cajun sauce. The chicken was well cooked and wasn’t dry, but it was juicy and succulent. As I am always in search for good coffee, that coffee was not so great and proved a disappointment, but the chai was good.

For the barbecue, this place has a great atmosphere, as well as the taste. Upon visiting for the second time and ordering barbecue, it was juicy and tender, with the perfect amount of spices.

This café cum restaurant’s ambiance is good, depending on where you want to have your dinner or lunch. In the night, the aroma coming from the kitchen outside and watching the live cooking and barbecue is really great.

Service is good too, but can be made even better by checking on the customers before taking orders, if they are ready to order, but the staff is quite friendly. Prices are reasonable, and there are many other dishes to try out.


Hammad Khan

I am wanderlust, travel enthusiast and a foodie by heart. Blogging about my travel journeys is my passion. Technology fascinates me. I am a Peace seeking soul who is finicky and tries to learn from every situation.