If the word perfect had a particular taste these cookies would define it. And if you think I’m exaggerating then you need to taste these heavenly Nutella filled chew Cadbury cookies!

These babies are the artwork of Murrad Gillani a guy based in Lahore who makes and sells them through his Instagram account: TSTS- The Self Taught Chef.

Here is Murrad’s story:

After A Levels in Politics, Psychology, and  Business he got accepted by more than foreign universities and he plans to study politics in Budapest followed by going to Paris to Le Cordon Bleu which is the best culinary school and to get a highly prestigious diploma in Culinary Arts.

Murrad’s love for food is for as long as he can remember “Ever since I can remember, I was very particular about good and bad tastes, and I was able to distinguish between them at a very young age. As a child, I would only eat good quality food and would refuse to eat it if it were otherwise.”

Murrad has been cooking since the age of 14 “I first cooked for only my family, and their appreciation for my cooking motivated me to share with my friends as well, and eventually with the whole world.”

“I dream to become a Michelin star chef and want to open a restaurant and gain Michelin stars for my restaurant. I don’t believe in having a specific cuisine for my restaurant. I like diverse food because I have a very diverse pallet.”

Murrads cookies are quite loved by Lahoris: they are generously filled with Nutella that oozes out and melts right as it hits your taste buds and is topped with Cadbury chocolate. Trust me these cookies are quite addicting and so you may turn into a cookie monster.

Ramsha Rehan

Writer, Passionate Reader, Analyzer and dreamer. Loves food and travelling. Looking for an escape.