Every one of us is guilty of aimlessly scrolling through our Instagram accounts and double tapping pictures what we find interesting. The better accounts you follow the better experience you have scrolled through Instagram.

Being a wanderlust and a foodie myself, my Instagramagram feed is usually filled with beautiful landscapes or yummy food photography, which is quite often hard to resist. I find following professional photographers is always better.

Here are 5 must follow Pakistani photographer on your Instagram.

1. alirehman

Daal Maash ❤️❤️❤️

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Ali is a professional food photographer, and by visiting his Instagram account you will see that the timing is one thing you need to perfect out when it comes to capturing food photos. He can look through and capture the most beautiful part of the food elements. Not exactly the foodgasm type of work but his clicks defines that depth in everyday food ingredients.

2. jawad0343

Jawad is the most interesting profile here! He is what you called a food architect. He styles the food dishes in the most structural manner and then captures its true essence. He also clicks landscapes, nature and architectural photographs.

3. asimwaseem

Asim is yet another food photographer who captures the beauty that food depicts. You can also see his Instagram filled with human portraits, landscape, and symmetrical photography.

4. muhammadbinmasood

CANON BALL #high #speed #strawberry #glass #water #photography #life

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This Instagram profile draws our attention to an adventurous soul. The photographs Muhammad captures mostly tell a story of a mountaineer climbing the highest peaks. The beautiful landscapes of Pakistan are also part of his collection and he is often caught playing with the symmetry of natural light, shadow, and colors.

5. tahaahmed1

Gajar Ka Halwa 1/2

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Taha’s food photography shows brilliant skills of capturing the beauty of food in it’s simplest form. He works with various Pakistani brands and gets to style food professionally. He adds traditional effect to his food photos by complimenting them with more traditional elements.

Follow these Instagrammers to your be wasting more time on Instagram.

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