When it comes to coffee houses, all I am looking for is the environment and ambiance the cafe is providing with the taste and quality that is unmatchable, thus attracting me to visit again. Abbottabad, where the winters are freezing cold and the summers are relatively pleasant, is a tourist destination for many. Coffee houses are the new trend in the town. Yet there are places which are somewhat iconic when it comes to having a coffee in the evening with a group of friends, or maybe if you are just a happy ‘single eater’ or like to read a book while taking a sip and enjoying the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee.

There is one coffee house making all the difference in the town, providing coffee late at night while the city sleeps. My visits there are always random, some in the day, some in the evening, and mostly late at night. The taste has been very consistent and this makes Coffity my favourite café in town.

The ambiance is somewhat cosy and the music being played in the background is soothing, self-service is unlike any other café in Abbottabad. There is a dedicated book corner for book lovers. While you wait for your order, you might want to browse through the magazines and sit on one of the comfy sofas, enjoying your stay there.

There is a dessert option that is unparalleled. The cakes they provide are yummy-licious and mouth-watering. Death by Chocolate to fudge cakes and the cheese cakes are a few to name. Smoothies are another option if you are there on a hot summer day trying to chill.

It gets overcrowded on the weekends and the free WiFi option is available too, but you might complain about the speed when you connect.

Most of the coffee options are usually available with a mix of flavors, cappuccino, latte and espresso are the popular choices. Just like most of the things, the taste of the coffee is more of a personal choice. Enjoy your cup of coffee, whether it’s a cold wintry night or you don’t mind the weather. If you are a Chai person, you can always try the Masala Chai (spicy tea).

A cup of coffee served right can make your day, do you agree? Let us know.

Hammad Khan

I am wanderlust, travel enthusiast and a foodie by heart. Blogging about my travel journeys is my passion. Technology fascinates me. I am a Peace seeking soul who is finicky and tries to learn from every situation.