I was planning to visit Kream’s Café for a long time and finally decided to cover it. The café is situated in the middle of M. M. Alam Road and is a cozy, eye catching spot. As you enter, a section with a wide range of desserts welcomes you. What a yummy welcome!

Then, there is a small dining area on the ground floor but I prefer to sit in a quiet spot so I chose the upstairs lounge. The interior has a classic façade of black and pink, and is a perfect venue for a quick chat over your meal.

Kream’s Café being a ‘King of Desserts’, surprised me with such a vast variety in menu. First, I ordered fish and chips, the platter came in spreading an aroma of crisp of outer layer and juicy fish, the combo of fish and hot fries with tartar sauce was strong enough to increase my appetite. I wasn’t expecting such a big serving and I had to share it.

Next thing I ordered was South Western beef steak from the steak section, and chicken and mozzarella pasta from the pasta section.

The steak being tender, juicy and rich in color came with creamy sauce, mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. The beef steak was perfect for my palate. They were very generous with the sauce and there was a separate serving of sauce for people like me. I always love lots of dips and sauces with the steak, so it was a bonus.

The chicken mozzarella pasta was spicy and tangy with the flavor of tomato and lots of mozzarella off course, served with grilled chicken breast, again a big portion. It was a bit spicy to my taste, but a delightful pairing with an ice-cold mint margarita.  Kream’s Café has got one of the best mint margarita I have ever tasted.

Here comes the most exciting part of the menu. DESSERT. The dessert menu is real big. It was difficult for me to decide what to go with, and finally I ordered white chocolate chip cookie skillet.

The presentation of white chocolate chip cookie skillet was quite dramatic. It came in a white stone skillet with a burning candle underneath, paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It reminds me of the classical serving style of royal food. The combo of warm chocolate chip cookies covered with lots of white chocolate chips, with the serving of vanilla ice-cream is obviously hard to explain but it was divine.

Overall, I had a very pleasurable experience. While visiting Kream’s Cafe, make sure that you are hungry because the portions are huge. The most important thing that I have noticed in the menu is that most of the food items are below the range of Rs. 800, which is very reasonable to the variety and elegance they offer.

14c M. M. Alam Rd, Lahore

Madiha Shahid

Food blogger, a passionate cook, Entrepreneurship degree holder and former contestant of Master Chef Pakistan. My main focus is on the tastier and healthier version of food.