Every blow of breeze in Multan tells an untold story of its ancientness. The glimpse of its past can still be serrated while visiting the areas which have kept its ancient-grace alive. These areas together are known as “Andoroon Multan”, which is the pure and total reflection of the city of Sufis’ rich culture. No matter how much continental, Chinese or five-star restaurants call themselves the best, it is a fact that their menu is incomplete without Desi Karahi. It is so because Multanis are not ready to leave their rich foodie-customs aside. However, this has become more of a stereotype injected in their mindset ever since, which required a  change for adaptation to modern food culture.

Who does not know about the channels “TLC and Fox Travel”? Only a few months back, the television was the only way which used to connect Multanis with the modern, fast, and aroma filled streets of London. Multanis do not need to watch TV anymore to get connected with the streets of London. Kudos to Jawwad S Khawaja – the pioneer of introducing a new trend in the city. It would not be wrong to say that he made a great difference by embedding something like London Courtyard in Multan. Trust us, it is the place to be for all foodies of Multan.

You can feel the aura of London in the ambiance which is sweetly garnished with the aroma of various cuisine including desi.

Talking about its prices generally, they are bit expensive. However, we absolutely loved how they incorporated each of its star-dish in its menu. So there buffet is all you can eat in RS 1300.

They have starters (which actually doubles the appetite) includes a variety of salads. Chinese, Thai, Continental, Pakistani, dressing and pickles, followed by a desserts section where the best part is garam gulab jamun.

Bottom-Line:- Food-industry of Multan has reached a new height. Surely, London Courtyard is one of the top places to visit and dine in.

A girl whose first and last love is food. She is on a mission to taste each and everything edible around her.