The love of food is the most sincere form of love, Imagine if there was a job that involved in spreading the love of Pakistani cuisine around you.  Well if there isn’t we create one right? that’s exactly what we did. The position is Pakistani Food Ambassador and there is a vacancy.

Pakistani cuisine needs a louder voice and we are here to spread the word. With this movement, we aim to attract those who are passionate about Pakistani food.  From all those, there will be some who would lead and make the noise that is heard, and one of those voices can become ‘The Pakistani Food Ambassador 2017′. 

Are you:

  •         Living abroad?
  •         Missing traditional and authentic food from back home?
  •         Upbeat about promoting Pakistani food in your community?

Then you fall perfectly in the criteria of The Pakistani Food Ambassador.

Here is what you need to do.

SIGN UP fill this form with basic information

The shortlisted candidates will be informed and then they will have to complete these activities separated into 3 levels.

Level – 1

  • Set up a plate with simple ingredients/elements or a dish that defines Pakistani cuisine.
  • Click a picture and send it to us. (The most voted ones will pass to level – 2)

Level – 2

  • Introduce Pakistani cuisine to someone in your community who hasn’t experienced it: You can cook something or take them out for lunch to Pakistani eatery.
  • Record the experience through a short article or video.

Level – 3

  • Hold a supper club/cooking class or one dish party for 5-10 people who have little or no knowledge of Pakistani Cuisine in your community. 
  • Make a three-dish menu with roti
  • Introduce the dishes and its flavors, focus on spices and cooking methodology
  • Involve people in some cooking process (e.g. making live chapli kebabs or adding the Tarka to Daal)
  • Setup the place in a traditional setting
  • Send us pictures and event details in a blog.

The more dispersed your activities are the more chances you have to win the title of Pakistan Food Ambassador 2017.

Here are few international Pakistanis who are already spreading the love of  Pakistani food in their community:

Cookery writer, food consultant, chef, and teacher: Sumayya Usmani fits perfectly into the profile of Pakistani Food Ambassador. Her books illuminate the love she has for Pakistani cuisine but here she describes it in few words.

Saliha Mahmood brought Pakistani cuisine into the limelight by winning The Master Chef UK 2017. Her new cookbook is inspired by Mughalai recipes and she aims to introduce different flavors of Pakistani cuisine to the western world.

Here are few people who are disseminating the love of Pakistani food in their own community.

The Food Feed is an Instagram account run by Pakistani girl living in Muscat, Oman and here is her say:

The Instagram account of Pakistan Eats is filled with the day to day routine of discovering, celebrating and sharing Pakistani Food.

Do you think you can win the title of The Pakistani Food Ambassador? SIGN UP!

Ramsha Rehan

Writer, Passionate Reader, Analyzer and dreamer. Loves food and travelling. Looking for an escape.