The food scene in Lahore is big, and so is the appetite of us Lahoris. Lahore has it all when it comes to food, from street food to fine dine in restaurants, gourmet boutiques to international and local fast food chains.

Imagine all of this comes under one roof, a chance foodies can’t afford to miss, well this is exactly what happened at Foodpanda’s Bites and Vibes event at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Lahore last Sunday. Bites and Vibes Vol – 1 was the hub of Lahori foodies last weekend, and the pink-themed food carnival had so much to offer. If you missed the feast,  here are a few highlights.

The stalls that Lahoris loved

Sarak pe karak – The combo of kadak chai and parathay is basically the love of our life, and that’s what most of the foodies enjoyed at this stall.

Maro Tandoor  – This stall had a queue of foodies, waiting to be served some Nutella naan.


Grab Your Meal served the best of their healthy Mediterranean fast food.

Buffalo wings and rings – Their loaded fries were the main attraction of the stall, and some hot crispy onion rings with a dip of your choice.

Bamboo Union – Sushi lovers stopped by Bamboo Union for some seafood experience.

Cravea – Fresh and hygienic food served by Cravea, fresh sandwiches, and fruit juices were picked up at Cravea’s stall.

You must be wondering how costly this foodie trip would have been, but trust us when we say it was quite within the budget. Not just the ticket, but everything at the carnival was not more than just 200/PKR. With good live music and a variety of economical food options, Lahoris did enjoy one great evening.

Other than all the food for the soul, Bites and Vibes was also the meet up of fellow foodies and food bloggers of Lahore to come together, beyond the barriers of social media.

What’s keeping us hooked is that this is not the end of the carnival, not only will Foodpanda return to Lahore with more such events, but they will be coming to other major cities, including Karachi and Islamabad. We look forward to being part of more similarly exciting and food promoting events in the future.

Ramsha Rehan

Writer, Passionate Reader, Analyzer and dreamer. Loves food and travelling. Looking for an escape.