Not too long ago, there were hardly two to three top restaurants in Multan, their menus being limited and nothing new to try out. However, the taste of the Multani food has always been unbeatable, but if we reminiscence, our eyes find it so hard to believe that how much Multan has changed. Especially, it’s food industry’s development has amazed not only us, but many who live here or visit this full-of-grace city after a long time. In every lane, we get to find at least three food spots, cafes or restaurants.

Recently, a new addition has been made to the family of foodies of Multan. There is a lot of buzz about this spot, not just locally, but on the national and international news as well: It is In no time, this pizza restaurant has succeeded in making the headlines worldwide. Here is how it managed to achieve this:

In the beginning, it was hard for us to believe that something so advanced is being introduced in Multan, and not the bigger cities, like Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore. So being a proud Multani, we decided to pay the restaurant a visit ourselves.

What we got to see:

The smiles of the visitors (especially families) made us enter such a state of awe, that we couldn’t resist feeling proud and saying kudos to the owner of the restaurant, who was an electrical engineering student at NUST, who had his hard work and money invested on the robots (0.4 million each), to be the pioneer of a totally new trend in the region.

As they served, the robots were like – “serving…Please, do not disturb”. They not only serve, but upon entering, greet customers as well.

The restaurant has three robots altogether, named Rabia, Annie, and Jennie. Here they are with Mr. Usama, the man behind this idea.


We loved the experience of how our damn traditional Shahi Kababi Pizza was served in an extremely 21st century way. To be honest, we were thinking that their taste would not be up to the mark, but what we ate totally proved us wrong. Their pizza was fresh, cheesy, tasty and full of topping. The lemon on the top was not for garnishing, they made us squeeze it on our slices. That combo of lemon, sauce, and kababs was a real 5-star meal.


5/5. From the robots to the environment and taste, everything was so perfect. For the love of the robot waitresses and damn-shahi-tasty-pizza, we will definitely be visiting this restaurant again.

PS: Sorry, Lahore, you are left behind. Now, it is the “Multan, Multan hayyyy” era. Dare to beat us!!!

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