We are always excited to be part of food ventures that are uplifting local food in Pakistan! This is the kind of adventure we are always up for.   A very well laid out dine-in place by the name of BBQ Bazaar adjacent to Roaster in F-7 Markaz, Islamabad welcomed us to try out their Samandari Khazana-  Seafood BBQ platter

When we entered we instantly had positive vibes about the experience we were about to have! The restaurateur Mr. Ahmed himself showed us around the beautifully laid out place and told us the tale behind this new Pakistani restaurant in Islamabad! He started this restaurant to provide a great dinning place for families and friends to enjoy a good Pakistani meal.

The menu selection was kept in light of the spice levels that are preferred by customers walking in from different ethnicity. If you are a Karachiate and love the spices you would love to eat their spice collection! However, if you like something mild but flavorful there is a whole list of dishes to choose from. Servings are done on an individual plate so people can actually order in different dishes and not be forced to eat what their friends like!

The interior of the restaurant was carefully designed.  A warm wooden ambiance of the restaurant was quite soulful with colorful custom-made paintings on the wall portraying the four provinces of Pakistan. Pop of colors and placement of lights with comfy furniture gave it a modern look.

We also took a short tour of the kitchen where all the magic happens!

The hygiene of the place made us extra comfortable to eat without a doubt.  This scrumptious chicken handi was being cooked to perfection by the chefs when we visited the kitchen!

As we sat down, we were served a light appetizer: Crispy namak paray with a beautiful sweet and savory tamarind sauce. A good selection of a Pakistani appetizer.

A winter special BBQ  seafood platter was being prepared for us. The platter had  BBQ Prawn, smoked salmon fish, fried mushka and Lahori fried fish.

We started with tasting the salmon! The first bite took us to  Karachi! It had a very balanced spice level and fish tasted so good.

Mushka was crispy and spicy outer layer and soft and juicy on the inside.

Our favorite on the platter were the prawns! The quality of prawn was great (actual prawns and not shrimps disguised as prawns!) They were nicely cleaned and grilled the prawn to perfection with a crisp sesame seeds coating.

Next up we tasted the Lahori fried next, the fish was soft and tasteful and we loved the spicy flavor. Sprinkle a little lemon juice on top and it always elevates the flavors for us.

The platter for us was a definite 10/10 ! It is soon to be launched for the BBQ and seafood lovers.

We also tasted their office lunch deal: BBQ bazaar has introduced this affordable lunch deal which serves a plate of chicken biryani, 2 chapli kabab, raita and a cold drink for Rs. 395.

The biryani could use a bit more spicing up, the chicken piece was cooked had a coating.  Chapli kababs were a hit with our team! Not your usual combination and flavors but something that is sure to lift your mood on a bad day at work! Overall a very good single serving for lunch hour served with salad and raita.

As we thought it was an end, the BBQ Bazaar team wanted us to try the mixed vegetable named as Nauratan. You would think a BBQ place would not master the skill of serving good vegetable mix but this is one dish you should not miss at BBQ bazaar. The vegetables have a tomato cream base and used vegetables like green beans, carrots, and potatoes. Served with hot and soft bread- something to devour even on its own.

We also indulged in their tender BBQ malai boti which was served in a Turkish style seekh. They make sure the quality of meat and cut used are good.

The ending was great as we chatted a bit more with the owner and sipped some of their lassi which had a balance of both sweet and salty. The mint margarita was a good thirst quencher and was perfectly mild, lastly, the carrot and pomegranate juice was an uplift while if the pomegranates come as sweeter it would taste even better.

Check out our this video as we took a short tour and a chit-chat session with the man behind the show and how he built the menu for what we foresee as one of the best places to eat Pakistani food with style in Islamabad!

Madiha Hamid

Chefling-in-Chief Founder Chefling Tales. A foodie that loves to travel and explore different flavors of Pakistan and the world. She loves to cook recipes that are different , yet simple. She wants people to know and understand the beauty of Pakistani Regional Cuisines @madihamid